5 Things to Consider When Buying a Dryer

You’re starting to notice that one of the laundromat’s old dryers isn’t performing all that well anymore. Maybe it is time to invest in a new one. After all, you have a busy business and need to have a reliable dryer for customers to use. But how do you know what to look for in a brand-new dryer?

A dryer is a large investment, so you need to make it count by choosing the right model. Whether you have a good idea of which brand you want or feel completely clueless, here are five things to consider when buying a dryer.

Your Budget Guidelines

Your budget is another important factor to consider as you buy a new dryer. Are you able to afford a more high-end dryer commercial dryer? Do you need to keep it more modest? In the world of electrical appliances, you often get what you pay for, so buying an ‘economy’ model might not be a great choice in the long run. Whatever your budget, set some strong boundaries and do not stray over the line. Just don’t stray under it, either.

If you want a larger dryer or one that has more features, you should expect to pay more. You will also want to carve out room in your budget for any extra warranty coverage that you can purchase along with your machine. Of course, it is essential to consider what your customers want from the devices they use. Customers might want select features that they can use to get their loads dried to perfection.

Dryer Size

A commercial washer and dryer set is optimal for a business in need of a large dryer. If you often do massive loads of laundry and have a lot of bulky items (such as bedding) to do, then you need a commercial dryer – and possibly a commercial washer to go along with it.

Think about the size of a barrel and how fast it spins a load. High-capacity dryers are for businesses like yours with a lot of laundries that needs to be done. You are also going to want something that runs quickly so that you’re not waiting forever for a load to finish and aren’t racking up a big power bill. Your business already consumes a lot of electricity, and you will likely find it to your advantage to buy a commercial dryer that has eco-friendly settings on it. Your customers who are also eco-savvy might appreciate this, too.

Features You Want

Dryers have more features built into them now than ever before. You can sanitize, steam, run eco-friendly cycles, customize settings to accommodate bedding, and set the alarm to your preferred volume so you can hear it as a load finishes.

A dryer with a steam system is a great option if your employees or customers don’t have time to run an iron over clothing to get the wrinkles out. You will be able to use the dial to customize the steam settings you want to use, which can be incredibly helpful for employees who are in a rush or customers who do not have the time to wait. Of course, if you want to go the more eco-friendly route, you will want to look for a dryer with more eco-friendly settings.

Professional Installation

Getting your new dryer installed by professionals is important. This should be something that you factor into your overall budget. Trying to install a dryer yourself can be insanely challenging, especially if you have no idea what you are doing. This is still very much true for laundromats and other places of business.

If you don’t buy a ventless dryer and don’t have a vent leading to the outside, you’re going to need a professional to come and install the vent for you. That might be an expense that catches you off-guard, plus it will mean you cannot do your laundry at home right away.

Finding the right dryer to meet your needs is important. Spend some time thinking and planning out what you are going to buy. A dryer is a big investment, and getting the model that best suits your unique needs is something that takes some forethought.

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