5 Signs Your Hot Water System Needs Repair

I love a hot shower. It’s one of my favourite ways to relax after a long day, so I’m always keen to maximise my hot water system. But after about ten years, even the best techniques need some hot water repairs Newcastle; and it can be hard to tell if yours needs repair. 

Luckily, there are some tell-tale signs that your hot water system needs repair. If you see any of these happening in your home, then it might be time for a professional inspection from an experienced plumber:

  • It’s taking too long for the water to heat

If your hot water system takes at most five minutes to heat up, you may have a problem. Check the thermostat to ensure it’s set correctly, and then check all the pipes for leaks or obstructions.

Hot Water Repairs Newcastle

Clean your showerhead with vinegar if it is clogged with minerals or rust. First, remove the showerhead from your hose and then rinse out any dirt or debris that may be stuck inside. Next, fill a cup with white vinegar and let the showerhead soak for about 30 minutes. You can also use lemon juice instead of vinegar if you prefer.

  • Water is heating unevenly

It’s a sign that you require hot water repairs Newcastle if you notice the water heating unevenly. The water should be hot at the top and bottom of your shower, but not just one or the other. If not, try adjusting your thermostat setting and installing an inline flow restrictor to help balance how fast hot water flows out of your faucets.

  • Have rust or scale deposits in your showerhead

If you have rust or scale deposits in your showerhead, it’s a sign that there are minerals in the water. These minerals can clog pipes and cause leaks. You can clean the showerhead with vinegar, but replacing it may be necessary if it doesn’t work or is too expensive.

If you’re not sure whether your faucet is leaking, it’s easy to find out. Just turn off the water and listen for dripping noises from under the sink. If there are any leaks, then you know that something needs to be fixed.

  • There is a slow drip from the faucet

If you notice a slow drip from your faucet, it could be caused by a leaky washer. The faucet washer can be easily replaced at most hardware stores, costing as little as $1-$2. If you want to do it yourself, tools are available that make removing the old washer easier.

  • You see sediment or mineral build-up 

Seeing sediment or mineral build-up on the bottom of your tank could be a sign that your hot water system needs repair. If left untreated, this could cause problems with the heating element and affect its lifespan. The build-up can also lead to corrosion, which may result in leaks or other issues with your plumbing.


If you need hot water repairs Newcastle, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. It’s essential to have it checked out by someone who can ensure everything works correctly and keep your home safe from dangerous situations like leaks or fires.

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