Korean pop music, sometimes known as Kpop, has gone global from being a niche genre in South Korea. The phenomenon known as Hallyu (the Korean Wave) that began in the early 21st century was a major factor in the genre’s meteoric rise to fame. Today, K-pop has amassed millions of followers and thousands of admirers from all walks of life, making it one of the most iconic music genres in the world.

Those who aren’t fluent in Korean can nonetheless appreciate works in this genre. Most songs have a rhythm or beat that makes you want to get up and move about all day. Therefore, if you count yourself among the countless gamers that enjoy video games, you have landed in the perfect place. Here are five of the best free-to-play Kpop games designed for aficionados of the genre.

1. BTS Universe Story

The popular Kpop group BTS is the subject of a free-to-play simulation game called BTS Universe Story. The players can direct their own stories starring the members of BTS in this game. In addition, there is a story generator and premade storylines in BTS Universe Story. The player can participate in or affect the ending of each story in the game through interactive or decision-based gameplay. In addition, BTS Universe Story is ideal for fans who desire to live like a member of BTS for a day.


BTS World Kpop Games


2. BTS World

Netmarble Games, the developers of the groundbreaking BTS Universe Story, have released a new casual Kpop game called BTS World. BTS World is the first game on our list that actually lets you become a part of BTS’s incredible success story. Players can assist in the band’s debut, communicate with the members via text or chat, get rare cards, and delve into a parallel storyline highlighting each member’s life if they had never joined the band. In addition, similar conversational interactive aspects to those found in BTS Universe Story are included in BTS World.

3. SuperStar BTS

Dalcomsoft, Inc. created and released the rhythm arcade game SuperStar BTS. This is the third game featuring the immensely successful boy band BTS on this list.
SuperStar BTS is a rhythm action game that features BTS’s hit songs, making it very different from the first two games on our list. with addition, players will need to have quick reactions and be well-versed with the band’s most popular songs to succeed in this game. On top of that, there is a wide variety of incentives that any member of the BTS Army is sure to enjoy.



SuperStar SMTown Kpop Games


4. SuperStar SMTown

SuperStar SMTown, developed by Dalcomsoft Inc., is a must-have for any SM Entertainment fan. It’s a lot like SuperStar BTS, but for K-pop fans. Rather than focusing on just one group, however, the game showcases a wide variety of SMTOWN-affiliated Kpop Backrooms idols and groups. Thus, you can listen to the music of such popular Korean groups as EXO, Red Velvet, Super Junior, and many more. This game’s finest feature is the number of music it holds and gradually makes available to the player. Playing an interactive game while listening to your favourite K-pop tune is a great way to kill time.

5. SuperStar JYPNATION

Another beat-matching title, SuperStar JYPNation showcases the music of JYP Entertainment’s K-pop stars. The game includes over 48 songs and may be played on three different difficulties (easy, medium, and hard). Exclusive in-game awards from JYP Entertainment artists including Twice, Stray Kids, GOT7, and more are available in this game as they were in SuperStar SMNation. You may play this free PC game based on the popular K-Pop genre and have a great time for hours.

K-pop’s global fan base continues to grow, indicating that the genre’s success will continue unabated. As such, if you count yourself among the millions of people who are into Kpop, you should play some of the free PC games we have available here at Games.lol featuring popular Kpop artists. Have a good time, and please tell your friends about these entertaining activities.

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