Why Copenhagen should be your next travel destination?

Hello, I am Zack and I am a chauffeur at LimoFahr. I am very excited to share some interesting facts about Copenhagen and take you to the mesmerizing journey while working in Copenhagen with LimoFahr.

As you know, Danes were rated the happiest people on earth. I always wondered why, how do people live there. What are their daily habits. LimoFahr gave me this chance to work as a chauffeur and I have learnt many things about Copenhagen.

If you are planning for a break and have a stress free vacation, you should definitely consider visiting Copenhagen.

Why I am telling you all this, you will get to know when you read the fun facts that I am writing down:

  1. 55% of people in Copenhagen commute by bicycle
    I was fascinated to know that 55% of Copenhageners commute by bicycle. On daily basis, they go to their offices by bicycle. If you want to be a cyclist, Copenhagen is a place to be as the network of paths is amazing there. It has bridges, which form cycling safe with superhighway across the city.
  1. Self governing free-town
    Copenhagen has a self governing free town, isn’t it amazing? This autonomous free town know as Christiana has just 1000 residents and it is situated just outside the city centre. They make their own laws and let me tell you they are famous for selling and using of Marijuana.
  1. It has the world’s longest pedestrian shopping street
    From Danish chains (you can pick some unique souvenirs from Denmark) to international brands, you can get everything here.
  1. It is a green capital
    As I have mentioned earlier that 55% of the people here commute by bicycle which automatically makes it eco friendly. Copenhagen aims to become the world’s first CO2 neutral capital by 2025.
  1. They don’t use Euro
    Yes it was surprising to me also when I got to know that being a part of the EU, they don’t use Euro. You can pay with Danish Krone.

These were few fun facts about Copenhagen. After all, you need to visit this beautiful city and experience all of these amazing stuff yourself.

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