Why Advise Protecting Coffee Beans With Proper Storage Techniques?

A cup of coffee can unlock the richness of life, add joy to a cup of coffee with Best Quality Coffee Roasters in Melbourne, and elevate your experience. Coffee beans are aromatic, extremely volatile, and can easily disappear its aroma without proper storage.

Hence, it is required to have good storage practices to protect the aroma and deliciousness of coffee.

Aromatic Killers

There are heat and oxygen as the main coffee aromatic killers for both roasted and green beans. Roasted coffee beans have minimal moisture content, and they don’t rot easily. Where coffee is aromatic, it will emerge from the coffee beans if not stored properly.

Oxidation causes the amazing aroma to degrade if exposed for a long period. If coffee beans are exposed to much oxygen and heat, there is no way to reverse the aromatics as they disappear into thin air.

How To Store A Pack Of Coffee Beans?

As we know, coffee requires to be kept in a place where air contact with them is minimal and they stay away from heat. When purchasing a pack, there is constant opening and closing of the whole bag of beans.

Where it can come into contact with new air and speed up the oxidation of the whole bag of beans. That is why when we use beans at the bottom of the bag, they do not taste good as the first one.

So we recommend separating the pack into small jars or bags. This will help it come into contact with oxygen from the time you open the bag until you brew it.

Use The Specific Jars For The Coffee Beans Preservation Only!

Normally, coffee beans Melbourne easily absorb any odour in the jar. So always do a sniff test to make sure it is odourless before you pour the beans into jars. Mason jars are one of the best options to store them, as long as they are airtight, the coffee will be in good condition.

The Coffee Beans: Should They Be Frozen?

There are a lot of cafes and roasters that freeze coffee beans the same way they freeze other products. Freezing coffee is the one way to preserve the coffee aromatics for a long time—up to 6 months.

Some of the recommendations regarding freezing coffee beans in the freezer are:

  1. If you have too many coffee beans that you cannot finish, store them in the freezer.
  2. Avoid putting the entire bag in the freezer since every time you open it, the remaining beans will be exposed to fresh air.
  3. Do not store them with fish or meat to avoid contamination.

Piece Of Advice

Following the right storage methods to preserve the coffee beans Melbourne is crucial to maintaining their quality and flavour. You can store the coffee beans in a cool, dry, and airtight container by following some tips.

Use the right technique to restore the coffee flavour and enjoy every sip of your favourite coffee.

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