VR RTS (Real Time Strategy) Games you should Never Miss

Real-time strategy (RTS) games always have a special place in players’ hearts. These games take a strategic mind and approach to unlock new levels and solve puzzles. When it comes to combat and fighting games, players must design and implement careful and aggressive strategies to beat rival forces. RTS games could be more attractive when played in a virtual environment. This post will reveal VR RTS games you should never miss on your trip to a virtual theme park. Keep walking with us to learn more!

VR RTS games to try:

The advancement of virtual reality (VR) has added more fun and excitement to real-time strategy RTS games. It has always been an adventurous experience to play these games on PC and other devices. However, what about playing RTS games on VR headsets? Combating against your buddies will add more fun to this game, as you would know the counter strategies. Here is a list of RTS VR games you should try on your next visit to the VR theme park. Let us swim through the list quickly!

1. Battle Group VR:

Do you have a craze for space games? Let us admit it! We have always wanted to control and steer an entire spaceship fleet and take it to the battlefield, right? Yes! Battlegroup VR game allows you to do exactly the same but in a virtual environment. You would probably think of the possible challenges you can face in this game virtually, but it is always an exciting experience.

Once you steer your spaceship into the battlefield, you must implement different strategies to win the war. You can unlock the remarkable and extensive strategy options to beat your enemies decently. With relatively simpler controls, you will love this game when played with your buddies!

2. Final Assault:

Real-time strategy gamers always love to understand World War II, and they do so by playing the game versions. Once they understand the story and enemies, they would love to jump into the battlefield and fight their rivals. The game is even more exciting in a virtual environment, and final assault is probably the best VR version of this game so far. The cartoonish and action-paced gaming experience will leave you WOW!

The unique character models in this game are something you would quickly notice. Do you want to play this game with your friends this weekend? Book your play DXB tickets online today and have fun with your friends!

3. Brass tactics:

Have you ever played Age of Empires II? If yes, you would find multiple similarities between brass tactics and AOE II. Both are real-time strategy games designed by the same person. Once you have heard these lines, you probably have higher expectations from this game, and it will never disappoint! Playing brass tactics virtually will add more fun and excitement to the show.

The game will give you exactly what it has promised in the trailer. It gives you a medieval battlefield where players can experience complete control of buildings and units. You must grab the units and place them in the right position to go further as a player. The gameplay will leave you WOW, and you might not want to go home.

4. Orkana Conflict:

Combining real-time strategy games with first-person shooting games has always been challenging. The combination of RTS-FPS is now possible, and the Orkana Conflict game will let you witness it! Introducing virtual reality into this game will give players a unique concept to enjoy. This hybrid model of the game will take your breath away!

Orkana Conflict will remind you of old C&C games with otherworldly experiences and settings. The game will provide plenty of content, and you can enjoy it in multiplayer modes. Do you want that old golden-era RTS experience? This game will never disappoint you!

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5. Cosmic Trip:

Cosmic Trip is probably the best VR RTS experience, with plenty of content and enjoyable points. It is a game of base defending, and VR-driven experience will take it to the next level. As a player, you must build and defend your base while standing in the middle of it. Aggressive strategies will help you protect your base from external attacks, which can test your skills and decision-making power.

The graphics and experiences will force you to fall for this game. Nothing can match the excitement and experience of this game – especially in a virtual scenario. Do you want to try this game with your friends? Book your play DXB tickets online today and have fun the next weekend!

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