Virtual Numbers for Marketing: How to Track Campaign Performance?

Virtual number is also known as direct inward dialing or access numbers. Virtual number solutions are telephone numbers that are not directly associated with telephone lines. This number is programmed to route incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers that is chosen by the client which is a fixed or mobile or VoIP number.

The main features of the virtual number solution are:

  1. IVR menu: A virtual number can integrate IVR that helps to answer every customer query with the IVR’s multi-level menu that immediately establishes interaction with the customers. It makes communication easier and seamless with a customized IVR menu. It offers every solution instantly without involving any live agent. IVR is a self-help solution that helps the business to manage customers as well as in easy business campaigns.
  2. Call routing: A business can directly route all calls to the agents or departments, as per the request of the customer in case they need further assistance beyond the IVR menu. All inbound calls can be directly transferred which reduces the caller’s wait time and offer immediate service delivery.
  3. Call recording: All calls are tracked; monitored and recorded which helps the business to maintain a database. A virtual number can automatically record each call and thus, can effortlessly track campaign performances. Automated call recording helps a business to reduce the manual workload of the agents.
  4. Concurrent calls: With a virtual number solution, a business can handle many calls concurrently. It makes sales and marketing campaigns easier as more people can be reached in very less time. It also makes communication seamless and helps a business increase lead generation.
  5. Multilingual supports: A business can use this feature for offering meaningful support to customers. With multilingual support, a business can easily communicate with more people. The business becomes more accessible and available for the customers.

Virtual numbers for marketing and tracking campaign performances:

  1. Single campaign different approaches: With virtual numbers, a business can offer different approaches to a single campaign. It can track each campaign with deeper insights and close monitoring. A business can assign individual virtual numbers for each campaign which would have better monitoring and analysis. It would allow different campaigns to be compared; while effectively tracking each campaign individually.
  2. Setting the right metrics: A virtual number can be properly set up; where one key metric can record the number of inbound calls. A business can use a specific metric that can be dedicated to sales, inbound calls, responses to outbound calls, etc. It helps a business to track the campaign performance as well as also identify factors that can be reworked that can further help the campaign to be successful.
  3. Calculate conversion rate: The number of inbound calls to a virtual number can be used as call data and compared to the results of the sales team. It helps to find out the conversion rate of a marketing event. It is not just important to get leads but also to understand it can be better used to trigger sales. The results of one campaign can be cited for designing another campaign.
  4. ROI: With Virtual numbers, it becomes easier to calculate the ROI for marketing investment. A business can monitor the length of the conversation, resolution time, and response of the customers. A business can track the reach of a specific promotion so that the marketing department understands what call and advertising message works best for attracting more customers.
  5. Multilingual usage for campaigns: A business can use multiple languages for a single campaign and then monitor the engagement rate for each language that is used. It can help in better marketing strategies and also monitor the campaign performance.

Tracking each call helps a business to monitor the agent as well as the customers. The agent’s resolution time, engagement rate, and wait time can be tracked. While for the customers; the business can identify the key factors of the number of calls to the business, an issue faced, satisfactory level, etc. As virtual numbers can also be used to collect feedback and conduct surveys; they can be used to track campaign performances. It would help in better sales and marketing designs and also to deliver services, accordingly.

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