Uber Clone App: A Reliable Taxi Booking App for All Users

Every entrepreneur who wants to start an online business knows that building a reliable taxi app is the only way to succeed in the market. What does it take to build an app that users can trust and rely upon with their whole hearts? Well, the simple answer to this question is to keep everything transparent, trackable, and secure. The Uber Clone App has all three aspects in line which makes it a reliable application for all its users.

Let’s explore more about these aspects.

Maintains Transparency

Customer transparency is very important for any mobile app. Keeping the customers informed and updated is crucial for you. Plus, making your policies clear beforehand elevates the reliability and trust within them.

The taxi booking app makes sure that it never hides things from users and keeps things ‘as it is’. The app does this via –

Keeping no hidden charges

The app shows accurate pricing information. Even if the surge pricing is applied, the estimated fare shows the actual price plus the surcharge applied to give the actual reason for the same.

Here is an example for your reference –

Being clear about policies

On the Uber Clone App, you can mention all your policies related to a higher price, surcharges, cancellation fees, etc. This will help you to explain to users how you work, charge them the price, what you earn, and so on.

Users can access this information anytime they want and rest assured that you tell them everything without creating a misunderstanding.

Here is an example of Uber’s upfront cost policies for drivers –

Taxi Booking App

Everything Can be Tracked

Uber Clone is a taxi booking app. Thus, it is obvious that it will have a live location tracking system. Moreover, a user can keep a record of all their past and upcoming rides.

In short, everything is in front of the user’s eyes.

Real-time tracking

The feature allows the users to track their ride and know what’s their current location until the trip ends. In addition, they can share the ride details from the Uber Clone App with their friends and family so that they can track the ride.

Tracking previous/upcoming rides

This feature enables the users to view all their past/upcoming rides and their details along with the invoice anytime they way. The option is available under the ‘Ride History’ section.

Here is an example of it –

Provides Security

In terms of providing safety during rides or making an online payment, Uber Clone ensures that users never suffer.

The platform is integrated with the SOS facility and local payment gateways used in the region to help users ride and transact without hesitating.

SOS button

This feature allows users to tap on the button and send an SMS with their current location to emergency contacts or the local police in a single tap.

Users can add 5 emergency contacts to the list.

Here is what the emergency button screen of the Uber Clone App looks like –

Another way this taxi booking application ensures reliability to users is by allowing them to provide feedback. Riders and drivers can provide feedback to one another once the trip is completed.

This is what the rate & review (feedback) screen looks like on the Uber Clone user application –

Users can also mark a driver they have completed a ride with in the past as a ‘Favorite’. So, the next time they book a ride, the same driver is given priority.

In Conclusion:

Uber Clone App is a reliable taxi booking platform that maintains reliability with its customers and drivers.

It has multiple features as you have already seen that can help build a customer-centric app and succeed on the same grounds!

From increasing your sales to building a trustworthy brand, this application is a one-stop solution for your taxi business.

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