Two-Wheeler Loan Interest Rate: Factors That Affect Loan Interest Rate

A two-wheeler loan is the best way to finance your goals, such as a bike. The interest rate for 2-wheeler loans is often modest. The interest is paid in equal monthly instalments up until the loan’s maturity. Anyone who works for himself or is paid a salary is eligible to apply for a two-wheeler loan.

Two-wheeler loans are widely available and easy to get. It doesn’t adhere to any drawn-out procedures for loan approval. Online loans for two-wheelers are also offered. Two-wheeler loan funding is available at 100%. Lending companies frequently use scooter and motorbike dealers as references for financing bike loans, or they have agreements with them.

Factors influencing two wheeler loan interest rate

The majority of people think it’s a dream to have a two-wheeler. Using a bike loan calculator, anyone may calculate their EMI based on their CIBIL score. However, the following factors affect the interest rate on a two-wheeler vehicle loan:

CIBIL score

The interest rate is established or, generally, based on the loan amount using the person’s CIBIL score. A person’s creditworthiness is revealed by their CIBIL score by showing previous loans and the conditions of their repayment. If the applicant has a high CIBIL score, the vehicle loan is approved; otherwise, the loan application is denied.

Down payment at the time of loan approval

The portion of the loan that the borrower must pay on the day of the purchase is known as the down payment. The down payment covers between 50 and 70 per cent of the total loan amount. The two-wheeler loan interest rate over the loan amount decreases as the down payment increases. If a two-wheeler loan is fully financed, the interest rate will be greater.

Loans secured by salary

Collateral is used to secure the loan. When a loan is accepted, a salary is used as collateral security. The lender chooses the EMI payment amount. If the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio is higher, the lender may choose to charge a high-interest rate to mitigate their risks.

Age factor

The interest rates a borrower will pay are influenced by their age. Two-wheeler loans will have a higher interest rate if the borrower is older than 50 and getting closer to retirement. because as a customer gets closer to retirement age, their capacity decreases


The debt-to-income ratio of a person varies depending on where they live. The interest rates for your two-wheeler loan are significantly influenced by the location. If the borrower lives in a big city, their daily expenses are higher than in other regions. The interest rate may be raised by the lender.

The two-wheeler model

Similar to the interest rate, the two-wheeler model is used. If the customer chooses the most expensive two-wheeler model, the loan rates will be much higher. If you have defaulted on any of your previous loans, the interest rate on the two-wheeler you are currently financing will be higher to make up for the losses. Additionally, the interest rate will rise in step with the model’s rising rate and cost.

Numerous factors might affect the interest rates for two-wheeler loans. The CIBIL score is an important consideration for setting interest rates. The size of the loan determines how much interest is charged. The age, make, and model of the two-wheeler, as well as the location and size of the down payment, among other factors, all affect the interest rate.

It’s easy to figure out the EMI for your bike loan. You can calculate your monthly payment for your loan using an online tool called a bike finance EMI calculator. You will get an EMI as soon as you enter the down payment, loan period, and interest rate.

How the interest rates on two-wheeler loans are calculated

The quantity of the loan is significantly influenced by the rate of interest charged to it. Numerous factors have an impact on the rise in interest rates. The following suggestions are made to lower interest rates:

Debt to income ratio

Interest rates are impacted by this aspect as well. The debts that are more than current income are reduced by repaying credit card debt, paying off existing loans, and eliminating other needless expenses. The ratio enhances the possibility that the consumer will receive favourable terms on the two-wheeler loan amount.

Keep your CIBIL score high

You may be able to get a loan at a better rate if you have a good CIBIL score. When deciding on lending rates, the CIBIL score is crucial. The customer should make every attempt to improve their CIBIL score prior to applying for any loan for a two-wheeler.


Negotiable is another way to get a reduced loan interest rate. Sometimes, negotiating a lower interest rate with the lender about projected future cash will produce that result. The estimates of future financial results must be accurately supported by this.


However, there are a number of costs to consider when applying for a loan. The interest rate on the 2-wheeler loan, which is based on a number of factors, is possibly the most important expense.

The instalment payment is calculated using a diminishing amount by the bike finance EMI calculator. Depending on the lending institution’s policies, processing fees or other expenditures that are not covered by the EMI we compute might be necessary.


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