Top 6 Postpartum Yoga Poses New Moms Should Try

Postpartum yoga poses are one of the most important times in every woman’s life. Their bodies are in the healing phase, but the weight of pregnancy concerns many. They also feel constantly tired while caring for and feeding the babies. Physical exercises are often too much for the bodies in this stage as they are not fully recovered yet.

Postpartum yoga is one of the best practices for new moms. This particular yoga practice consists of low-intensity poses, which are easy to follow and do not require complex movements. They offer physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits, which gradually help new moms regain control of their minds, bodies, and emotions.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to get your hands on postpartum yoga poses that new moms should try and practice to stay healthy and fit.

Postpartum Yoga Poses Safe For New Moms

Postpartum is undoubtedly the most challenging time for new moms. They constantly battle with newfound emotions when their bodies are in the healing stage and not in perfect shape. This is the time when most new moms start feeling depressed and face other mental health issues too. Yoga is the one practice that can offer physical and mental health benefits while helping them get back into shape.

Here are some of the easiest postpartum yoga poses that are safe for new moms.

1. Cat Cow Pose

Cat cow is the first, and foremost postpartum yoga pose new moms should include in their practice. The pose specifically strengthens the core muscles and helps relieve tension. It also improves blood circulation and is recommended for the nervous system too. Cat cow pose helps stretch lower back muscles and opens up the shoulder. Getting into the pose safely requires a little professional guidance. Due to this, many new moms join yoga center in  Dubai to get personal consultation and training to perform the poses efficiently and enjoy the results too.

2. Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is the next postpartum yoga pose new moms should essentially include in their routine. The pose comes with many benefits and perks and can be practiced easily. It improves blood circulation in the whole body and boosts energy levels too. It regulates the thyroid glands and helps combat low blood sugar levels too. Most importantly, the bridge pose protects new moms from depression and fatigue, which are common issues during postpartum.

3. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is the next postpartum yoga poses new moms can include in their practice and follow easily. The pose is specifically beneficial in strengthening the spine and increasing overall flexibility. The pose also targets the core muscles in the abdomen, hips, thighs, and ankles. The pose does not require much more than standing straight and stretching the arms up in the air. The pose pays special attention to the breathing process, which helps new moms feel more relaxed and lighter.

4. Leg up The Wall Pose

Leg up the wall is the next postpartum yoga new moms can practice easily. The pose does not require much effort and training, so you can even follow it in the initial postpartum stages. The pose boosts blood circulation in the pelvis area and offers a perfect stretch to the lower back too. The pose also offers relief and healing benefits to moms who had cesarean. Moreover, a leg-up-the-wall pose alleviates multiple types of pains and aches and helps in relaxing.

5. Corpse Pose

The corpse pose is one of the easiest postpartum yoga poses new moms can practice safely. It might only mean lying straight on your back with your arms and legs fully stretched, but it offers multiple benefits. The corpse pose helps stretch the shoulders and strengthens the back too. The pose is also quite helpful in reducing headaches and migraine pains. It also relieves anxiety, stress, and depression and helps you feel more relaxed, calmer, and in control. On the whole, the corpse pose offers deep relaxation to the healing bodies of new moms.

6. Chair Pose

The chair pose is the last postpartum yoga pose that new moms should include in their practice. The pose builds arms and legs strength. It also increases the flexibility of the shoulders and hip joints. Chair pose can be practiced early on during the postpartum journey, as it does not require complex movements. The pose is also quite beneficial in returning to your original shape after giving birth. You can join yoga studio Dubai to learn from professional trainers and practice with other new moms if you are trying to find the motivation to get started.

Are You A New Mom Trying To Practice Postpartum Yoga?

You might skip more days instead of practicing regularly. Following a specific schedule is necessary to enjoy the perks of postpartum yoga. Feel free to explore yoga classes in Dubai and practice under the guidance of professional trainers to track your performance and ensure to reach your healthy self.

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