Sidhant Dhingra & Associates: Best Criminal Lawyer In Delhi

Sidhant Dhingra & Associates: Best Criminal Lawyer In Delhi

Innocent until proven guilty. This is the basis on which our legal system stands. Irrespective of the crime that you have been accused of, you have the right to get yourself proper representation in a court of law. Every person should be able to present their side of the story and get an opportunity to prove their innocence. While the law needs to ensure that a guilty person must be punished for his or her crimes, it is the job of the criminal lawyers in Delhi to ensure that no innocent person gets convicted for something that they have not done.

At Sidhant Dhingra & Associates, we offer the services of the criminal lawyer . We offer our services to both sides of a criminal case. We have the ability and the expertise to defend an accused. At the same time we can effectively fight a case on behalf of the victim of the crime. As a criminal lawyer, we carefully study, understand and after proper research and preparation, represent the case in the court of law.

As a part of preparation for any criminal case, we engage in the following activities:

  • Conduct detailed interviews with the client and other people who may be directly or indirectly involved with the case.

  • Interrogate the witnesses that the other party may put on the stand. This is done to understand the case of the opposition party.

  • Study past cases of similar nature and use references to draw parallels to the current case in order to draw a favorable legal picture.

  • Conduct independent investigations if needed.

  • Talk to and get unbiased opinions of the experts involved in the case.

  • Equipped with all the information, we study them carefully, draft our appeal and file the same with the court of law.

  • Before going to trials, if there is any scope for out of court settlement, we like to offer that option to our client. If the same does not work out, we then move to the trial stage.

Once the preparations have completed, we move on to conducting the trials and defending our client to the best of our abilities.

What Makes Us The Best Criminal Lawyer In Delhi

  • Our criminal lawyers have the necessary qualifications and experience to effectively fight criminal cases. We can fight our client cases in district courts as well as high courts. If things do not work out in the lower courts, we have a Supreme Court advocate in delhi , Mr. Sidhant Dhingra, who can take your appeal to the Supreme Court as well.

  • Our entire team of criminal lawyers is highly knowledgeable and knows well about how to handle such cases. They can be extremely assertive and ensure positive outcomes for the clients.

  • Our network of independent experts is strong. This helps in collecting evidence in favor of the client which forms the basis of a strong case.

  • We spend a lot of time analyzing each and every aspect of the case. From conducting deep study of past cases, to understanding the implications of new changes in the law, we cover a wide area in order to plan the best way to fight the case in the court of law.

  • We have years of training and experience in fighting such criminal cases. This experience makes us prepared for any surprise that the opposition attorney may throw at us during the trials. Our best criminal lawyers in Delhi know exactly how to handle such surprises without causing much damage to our own case.

  • We understand the stress of our clients. It is their life, family and money that is at stake. Therefore, we like to guide them and support them during the entire duration of the case. We like to personally meet the clients, especially during the start of the case. To save time and reduce physical stress on the clients, we may stay in touch with them through phone or email.

  • We have a very transparent fee structure. Therefore, at no point does the client feel that we are taking advantage of their situation and charging them extra. We like to offer our expert legal services at very reasonable charges.

We have a very strong performance record. We have managed to get favorable results for almost all our clients over the years. This is what has made us the best criminal lawyer in Delhi. We handle all our cases in a highly professional manner and are experts in solving crime related problems.

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