Save Bulk Outlook PST into MSG with Email & Attachments

“As given, I converted Outlook to MSG format and sent it to my colleague. The issue, however, is that the MSG file identifiers lacked dates. As a result, it became laborious to open each email and verify its date. Save Bulk Outlook PST into MSG with Email & Attachments would have been preferable. Please indicate whether this is feasible. Thank you to everyone.”


If you use Outlook, you must be aware that all of your Outlook data is stored locally in a consolidated file format. When it comes to storing individual Outlook emails, however, the MSG file format is utilized globally. Numerous users desire to save emails from Outlook as .msg files with dates because it allows them to filter emails by date. If you are one of them and wish to learn how to carry out this procedure, this is the appropriate blog. Here, we will explain how to store Outlook email data with attachments in .msg format.

Why Save Outlook Emails as MSG with Dates?

There are numerous reasons why individuals may wish to save Outlook emails to MSG with dates. The most important reason is to maintain track of the date. MSG files store each email separately. Users must open each email to view the date, as the dates are not included in the filename. A second common reason is to sort emails for further processing without having to access them.

How to Manually Convert PST to MSG Files?

When you have fewer than four or five emails, one of the quickest methods is to use a manual approach. Before you attempt this manual method, I must inform you that you cannot convert the entire PST file to MSG format. Only certain messages from the primary PST file may be converted to an MSG file.

  • Open the Outlook application –> Navigate to the Inbox –> Select an email –> Drag and drop the selected email from the Outlook application into an Explorer folder or the desktop.
  • Follow the same procedures for additional mail as described in step 1.
  • Alternatively, you can transfer all MSG files to a folder and compress them.
  • Create a new email and attach the compressed folder containing the MSG files.

This manual method is effective and one of the shortest solutions. The issue arises when we receive numerous communications. It becomes difficult and time-consuming to locate each email within the MS Outlook application. How often will you drag and drop each message from Microsoft Outlook to Windows Explorer? Therefore, we require an Email management tool for converting PST files to MSG files.

The most trustworthy way to save Outlook emails as MSG with dates

We have already discussed the reason for this specific requirement. Now is the time to concentrate on a solution. Using PST to MSG Converter is the simplest method to save emails from Outlook as MSG with Email and Attachments. This powerful software allows you to save as many Outlook email messages as you wish in MSG format with their respective dates. Download the software from the link below to begin Save Bulk Outlook PST into MSG. All Mac and Windows OS versions are supported.

Here are the procedures to save multiple Outlook PST files to MSG format.

  • Download and install the PST to MSG Converter Software on your computer.
  • Select the PST file by clicking the Following Button, then click the “Add PST” button.


  • Display a preview for each of the selected files.
  • Check/Uncheck Ignore Empty Fodders
  • Select the destination path and select the Browse button.
  • Select “Convert” from the menu. Start the conversion procedure at last.




Advantages of Outlook to MSG Converter

If you decide to use this software to save Outlook emails as MSG with dates, you will also receive the following benefits:

Bulk Migration: Multiple Outlook PST files can be converted to MSG format without data loss.

No Installation of Outlook Required: To perform this data conversion, Microsoft Outlook is not required. Only PST files are acceptable.

Save Individual Emails: This application enables the saving of only the necessary emails from an Outlook data file. Select each email individually from the preview pane, then save them.

User-friendly: The software is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface.

Date-based Selection: If desired, users can employ the date-based filter to save only MSG-formatted emails within the specified date range.

Process Files of Any Size: This utility can save emails from data files of any size without difficulty. This application supports ANSI and Unicode PST files.

Supports: This software is compatible with all Mac and Windows operating system versions.

Last Words

People may convert PST file to MSG with attachments for various reasons. In this blog, we have suggested a fast solution that will allow users to complete this task without error. If you wish to Save Bulk Outlook PST into MSG with Emails and Attachments in the Filename, this software is the best choice.

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