Natural Referencing: Exploiting Voice Search

To speak a complete phrase (often in the form of a question) What is voice search SEO interface, which will display more refined results quickly and succinctly? Voice search results are generally more responsive to user queries.

With the current apogee of smartphones and access to the web, the use of this type of marketing tool will undoubtedly improve the user experience. Voice search allows for more natural interaction, and searches will now be easier.

The Impact Of Voice Search On SEO

With voice search, queries become questions and are more local. No more typing keywords in the search bar! In addition, the majority of local searches are followed by an action, most often the visit of the Internet user or contact with the site. Thanks to voice search, queries become full sentences and are now longer.

In writing, SEOs should expect spelling or wording errors from Internet users, while in speaking, the voice interface formulates the request from the oral expression of the user. user and eliminates errors. However, misunderstandings and misunderstandings can arise.

How To Use Voice Search For SEO?

In order to What is voice search SEO and optimize the referencing of your web page while adapting it to voice requests, you must adopt a content marketing strategy based on the relevance of the content and the clarity of the answers offered to the requests made by Internet users. It’s important to use natural language and tone in your content, and use long-tail keywords because spoken queries are more like conversational searches.

To ensure the success of your content marketing strategy, it is essential to ensure that your site is accessible via smartphones and tablets. Indeed, the vast majority of Internet users today carry out their research on a mobile medium. Voice search users also tend to want to use the geolocation function, in particular, to more easily find a shop, a restaurant, or a brand.

You must therefore use all means to improve your web referencing in order to improve the visibility of your brand on the web (especially mobile). After analyzing the most popular types of voice queries in your sector of activity, offer specific content with high added value that adapts to both voice search and written search, and that meets the demand of internet users.


Beyond Optimization For Natural Referencing, We Advise You On A Coherent Referencing Strategy For Your Website.

If we have built your site, rest assured it will already be optimized for natural referencing, ie the search engines will read it without a problem and find relevant information highlighted.

Your site will be able to begin its life as a website, it will have to be known to the rest of the world. We can bring you our experience to audit, target, and implement the necessary corrections.

Voice search essentially allows users to dictate their search to their phone or tablet, rather than typing the keywords on their keyboard.

The technology used is able to understand what the user is saying with extreme precision. The answer is then provided orally by the device and can be supplemented with traditional search results. Voice search is used by programs like Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana (Microsoft), or Alexa (Amazon).

Devices like Google Home or Alexa are able to scan Spotify’s music database, “read” Wikipedia, or find a product on Amazon at the user’s request. These performances, therefore, demonstrate the interest in optimizing our websites today so that they can meet the future expectations of users.

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