Mind-Blowing Magic Tricks to Amaze Kids at Your Party

When a performer shows up, a birthday party becomes more interesting. Every child hopes that their birthday celebration will be magical. Planning a birthday party that is entertaining and memorable for guests often becomes very difficult for a parent. Employing an entertainer can be an ideal choice which can easily make the party interesting. A magician for a kid’s party becomes an ideal choice as they raise the bar with their mind-blowing tricks. Everybody is attracted to the mesmerizing performance, yet few acknowledge how simple the majority of them are to perform. At some point in our lives, most of us have been involved in simple magic tricks that appeared to be very difficult. There are a few common tricks that can be performed on a birthday to make it exciting. Some of these tricks are discussed below.

  1. The Cup Stunt

The classic cup with something under it which vanishes after some time can be a good trick for a birthday party. This trick can be done in several different ways. The magnetic balls move the item off the table by adhering to the cups with a slight touch. A showstopper always comes from the shock of the item disappearing in front of the audience. Another way of making the performance interesting is by making the item reappear after some time.

  1. Escape Tricks

Escape techniques are frequently in the interest of both adults and children. Several minutes of a show can be consumed by a simple pair of handcuffs that are impossible to unlock without a key. Before getting out of the cuffs, the kid’s magician acts like to be struggling for a while. To make the performance mind-blowing, the magician casts the spell and comes out from the handcuffs without any hassle.

  1. Levitation Illusion

This is a common trick that is usually shown at birthday parties, and magicians amaze their audience by deceiving their eyes. For a more amazing performance, magicians use plastic balls as they appear to move independently, giving the impression of floating and complete control. Tricks like passing the ball to a child, stalling on an elbow, and having enough momentum to circle a hat are all part of levitation tricks.

  1. Coin Bending Magic

Being a form of close-up magic, coin bending is said to be an ideal trick on a magic show for kids. Magician holds a ten-cent coin with both hands, with thumbs on the back and the first and second fingers on the front. He then pulls the fingers to the coin’s edge while moving the thumbs forward. After that, he moves both of the hands inward so that the backs of the hands face each other and move forward. This process is repeated several times until the coin appears to bend. Mastering the movements and accelerating them is the key to this trick which the magicians achieve after thorough practice.

  1. Balloon Trick 

Any small, flat object can be hidden from the audience inside a balloon so that it looks like the balloon has swallowed it. Magicians accomplish this by inflating the balloon, placing it above the object with its neck pressed against it, and then applying downward pressure to both the balloon and the object. As the air empties from the balloon, it will fold over the thing seeming to have swallowed it as a whole.

  1. Sleights of Hand

Sleights of Hand are a genuine hit considering a birthday party. Guessing the card from the deck, transforming every one of the cards into something different, and shuffling the deck gain a lot of praise from the audience. Apart from that, these tricks are very easy to perform. The magnetic hand is yet another multi-card trick that can be a perfect fit on a birthday. The cards that appear to be attached to the magician’s hand raise a lot of speculation in the minds of children.

  1. The Tied Rope Stunt

The tied rope stunt is a work of art, yet quite often is a great success, particularly among kids. The magician holds a piece of rope that has a small knot on one end in the hand. However, with the sleight of hands, the knot is kept hidden from the audience. After that, the magician holds the rope and gives it a shake before dropping it in front of the audience. When the rope is dropped, it seems as though it was tied by magic.

Everyone wants to do something new for their kid’s birthday every year. Come visit the ocean side, others go out for supper, and some visit new spots to spend the day with their children. For a birthday party, have you thought about hiring a magician yet? If not, you should reconsider. There are a bunch of incredible tricks that a magician for a kid’s party can perform on a birthday. These tricks will make the birthday memorable. Therefore, call your nearest magician today and book your show.

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