How to Make a Website Attractive with Youtube Widget

Your website is the first touch point for your customers. Needless to say, it has to look presentable and engaging enough. A well-built and maintained website generates traffic that a million-dollar worth of advertisement cannot do. 

But how do you make it engaging and entertaining without spending much time and money? 

The answer is YouTube. 

YouTube is a humongous platform. And with all the viewership, the potential is not just limited to connecting with the target audience and explaining the products and services. It can go beyond that. Continue to read to know more about it. 

Regardless of being free, YouTube has been a perennial entertaining source for netizens. We often find ourselves watching YouTube videos, whether it is an ASMRic video or a skill tutorial. And this explains there is no reason you should not be including YouTube in your marketing strategy. And truth be told, looking at the vast scope of video marketing many brands have started to embed YouTube widget on websites

But there is still a burning question. How to make your website attractive with YouTube Widget? 

This is what we are going to answer in this post. In this blog, we will discuss all the ways you can opt to make your website attractive with YouTube Widget. So hang tight and follow us till the end. 

4 Different Yet Effective Ways To Make Your Website Attractive With YouTube Widget 

One of the best ways to make your YouTube widget attractive is to choose an aggregator tool that helps you with maximum customization options. It should help you with changing the themes and layouts. Apart from that, you should also get a hold of the moderation panel, which will help you remove undesirable content from your YouTube widget on website. Using the aggregator tool, you should be able to change the colour scheme of the fonts. This will make your YouTube widget for website more attractive and professional. 

But it should not be limited to customization only. 

While you are designing the website, it is easy to get caught up with the trends of aesthetics. But the real deal is adding some visual content to your website. But at the same time, it is also true that, at different points in time, your target audience will resonate with different forms of content. Have a look at the effective ways you can use the YouTube widget to make your website attractive. 

YouTube Playlist For The Widget 

YouTube Playlist is a collection of YouTube videos. This is used to categorize the videos that belong to the niche. For example, a Skincare brand can create a YouTube playlist of all the videos that talk about their face cleanser. 

This YouTube Playlist helps the target audience find content related to the face cleanser in question. The best part is that the same YouTube playlist can be displayed in the YouTube widget. This will work as social proof for the particular product or service you want to sell. 

YouTube Shorts For The Widget 

YouTube Shorts is yet another form of video content that your target audience wants to see. And since its inception, YouTube Shorts has seen immense popularity. In fact, recent research has discovered that more than 1.5 billion logged-in accounts watch YouTube Shorts every month.t 

This implies that YouTube Shorts are an engaging factor when it comes to having an engrossed audience. And keeping that in mind if you have an idea that your target audience likes to devour bite-sized videos, you should definitely go for embed YouTube Shorts on website.

Using Keywords For The Widget 

If you are a brand that has a strong user base and believes that your user will create content for you, using keywords for your YouTube widget on website can be a great help for you. You can go for an aggregator tool that helps you aggregate YouTube content using Keyword. 

Showcasing the content generated by customers is one of the best ways to make your website attractive using a YouTube widget on website. Your customers would be delighted to be featured on a brand’s website. Such content will help you make the website engaging and engrossing. Your visitors will come to know about the features and benefits of your products from different. This will also contribute to the conversion rate of your business.

In A Nutshell 

Let’s be honest here. As a brand, you know that presentation matters. Which is why you are so much worried about making your website more attractive. And trust us, there is no better way that embed YouTube channel widget on website. A YouTube widget on website not only helps in engagement but also acts as social proof for your brand. 

We have mentioned the best possible ways to make your website attractive using YouTube widget. 

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