Largest Equipment In The World

Heavy construction equipment is used for various purposes in large projects. Selection of different types of heavy equipment often depends on the size of the work and economy of the project. These and many other factors decide which equipment is employed in any construction project. Thy make construction process easier and faster making the goals achievable in appropriate time. When it comes to very large machines and some of the largest equipment in the world in fact, there need to be some changes to the decision making as even keeping the costs aside, operating these machines is another task altogether. 

Liebherr LR 13000 Crawler Crane

The world’s most powerful crawler crane has the ability to hoist 30 blue whales i.e 3000 tons, in one load. Its main boom is the length equal to that of one and half football fields. The hook block also weighs 11 tons which is six times the weight that of an average family sedan.

Bucyrus-Erie 257 OW Walking Dragline

Old Glory is the world’s largest operational dragline. It has a massive weight of 6000 tons and stands as high as a 20-storey building. It’s 76-cubic metre bucket can accommodate 456 bathtubs full of material, with a scooping depth of 65 metres.

Bagger 293 Bucket-Wheel Excavator

The Bagger 293 hydraulic excavator for sale is so large that it takes five people to only operate it. It has 18 big buckets capable of excavating three million bathtub loads per day. It is 96 metres tall, 225 metres long, and weighs 14 000 tons which is more than eight single-storey houses.

Komatsu P&H 4800 XPC Electric Rope Shovel

At 14 m tall, 15 m wide and 15 m long, the P&H 4800 XPC is the largest rope shovel on the market. because of a dipper capacity that ranges 65 to 70 cubic metres, it loads 580 tons of material in six minutes.

Cat 797F Haul Truck

The Cat 797F is second biggest haul truck in the world. It is so big that it has to be transported in separate components to be assembled at the job site.

Liebherr 9800 Mining Excavator

With a load capacity of 92 tons per pass, the Liebherr 9800 is perhaps the most productive excavating tool available. The machine weighs 810 tons and has a bucket capacity 47 cubic metres. 

Komatsu P&H L-2350 Loader

Weighing in at 272 tons, the L-2350 used wheel loader for sale is a giant mining machine. Its massive shovel has the capacity to load 80 tons of material in one pass. It has a 7-metre lift height and 3,5-metre reach with a 16-cylinder 65 litre turbocharged engine. The loader is the largest and one of the most powerful earth moving machines.

Komatsu D575A Super Dozer

The Super Dozer is a massive earth moving machine that’s about 11 m in length, seven m in width, and five m in height. It weighs 152 000 kg and has a blade that’s more than seven m wide and three m high. 

BelAZ 75710 Dump Truck

TheBelAZ 75710 is the biggest and heaviest dump truck. It has the capacity to carry 450-ton load and is also powered by turbocharged engines delivering 24 times more torque than any F1 racing car. 

Hitachi Zosen Tunnel Boring Machine

Custom engineered with the intention to bore a tunnel under the Seattle, the Hitachi Zosen tunnel boring machine has been the largest machine of its kind. With being 99 metres long and weighing 6100 tons, it cost an incredible $80 million to build. It also had a massive 17,5-metre diameter and the giant machine was shipped to the country in broken sections and assembled onsite.

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