How to Track a Lost or Stolen Phone with IMEI Tracker?

What if you lost your phone or you want to know the location of the device of your loved ones? Well, you must be wondering if this is even possible, and if yes, then how fortunate for you in this blog we are going to present you with a way which you can use to track phone using imei online for free. 

You also do not need to worry about how you would be able to do so, as the steps for the same will be mentioned very clearly for you and you just need to follow them as they are given. 

What is IMEI Tracker?

Before we take you to the steps for tracking your phone you must know about IMEI and what it actually is. Whenever you buy a mobile device you will see that an IMEI number is allotted to that device which can be found behind the battery. 

It is a good thing to note that the IMEI number will help you in tracking your device IMEI is referred to as International Mobile Equipment Identify which is a unique number for each mobile device and it is different for each device and can never be changed. 

Whenever you get your phone stolen you should immediately contact your service provider and should ask them to block the IMEI number of your device using this number you can also get the location of your mobile device. 

How Can You Use the IMEI Tracker for Tracking Your Phone? 

If you are aware of the IMEI number of your device you can find your phone with the help of the various tracking applications which are available for you online. 

  1. You have to search for the IMEI tracker in the play store application of your device and you need to download the IMEI tracker-find my device on the smartphone device which you are using. 
  2. Once you have found the application you have to click on it and then hit on the install button so that the downloading of the application can begin on your device. 
  3. After you are done giving permission for accessing the application on your device, you will be asked to put in the phone numbers of the members of your family you trust or they can be your friends as well. 
  4. After this if your phone is stolen and a SIM card is inserted into your mobile device then an SMS notification will be sent to you on its own to the numbers you have put in and the message sent will consist of the IMEI number as well as the location of your phone. 
  5. In this step now for tracking a phone using Google IMEI tracker online, you have to put in the exact location of your device which will be shown on the screen, and with the help of the number you can locate your mobile very easily. 
  6. You will also be able to send an SMS or a command to get the lost phone from any other device to the device which you have lost and the application will acknowledge the command and will send you the location of the device as the reply. 

The online IMEI tracker free will work free of cost for you where you would not need to pay anything for the service but you would get the correct location of your device only when you will follow and execute each and every step which is provided for you below. 

We hope that the details offered to you in this article were perfectly fine for you and helped you a lot.

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