How to Prepare for ServiceNow Admin Certification?


ServiceNow is a well-known cloud computing software system that hosts apps for all types of customers. The main role of a ServiceNow admin is to create, design, configure, and enhance custom apps or offer support to the end-users of the software. ServiceNow admin has a crucial position in the industry. Indeed, ServiceNow admin plays a significant role in the handling of different service requests that customers send to companies. With the help of Service Now, customers can raise different requests with reference to incidents, issues, modifications, and other services. ServiceNow Admin then follows these requests made by customers and resolves them. The ServiceNow Admin Certification generally assesses your skills and knowledge regarding how to manage, configure and implement the ServiceNow platform. 

Steps to follow on the preparation journey for ServiceNow Admin Certification

  • Prepare with a Trusted Source

You can start your learning journey with ServiceNow Admin Training Institute in Delhi. It helps you to learn at your own pace in the most effective manner. You can undergo multiple mock exams and practice exams to strengthen your base. This practice exam mainly prepares the examinee for the real exam by accessing them in a real exam-like environment. 

  •  Know What to Anticipate

The ServiceNow Admin Certification is a multiple-choice question test. It has 60 questions, and a passing score requires 70% or above. You typically get 90 minutes to complete the exam. With a good knowledge base, you can easily solve a good number of questions to pass the exams.  

  • Build your Fundamentals 

The first step towards learning is to build your basics strong. ServiceNow Fundamentals is a great source for building your expertise. This program, with instructor assistance, addresses your precise needs. Either you are looking for a short introduction to the Now Platform or may be preparing for your Certified System Administrator (CSA) exam. Initially, the course is of two weeks, there will be four live webinar sessions each lasting two hours. Secondly, ServiceNow’s private community for students enrolled in specific courses. You even get support from the instructor and engagement with other students and also get access to demonstrations and hands-on labs.

  •  Take a Practice Exam 

The ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam practice tests help you in acquiring a better understanding of the question format and test topics. Practice tests are a necessity for improving your preparation. You mainly learn about your weak and strong areas by going through ServiceNow Certified System Administrator practice examinations. Moreover, you will improve your response speed, which will further help you save time on the test.


Start preparing yourself with ServiceNow Admin Certification Training and understand the content before appearing for the exam. A good training approach will make the preparation easier and help you achieve your goal faster. However, don’t overdo anything, take your own time and improve your learning until you’re sure that you can win. Moreover, this certification will open more job opportunities for you and also credibility to your skills. Thus, start preparing the ace this certification with good scores.

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