How to Prepare for an Open Book Exam in One Day?

As with any other exam, students have the mental pressure to get the top marks in the open book exam. It is because of the desire to achieve higher scores even when just one day left for the test. However, students get access of books and notes while giving this type of exam. Although, they feel a bit tensed and anxious due to having less knowledge about the test. These exams require students to write the work as per the college rules. Also, it can be valuable for them to prepare to ace this task.

It can be challenging for scholars to get top scores without proper practice. They can find it difficult to search for answers quickly from the syllabus. So, it can be valuable for students to prepare before giving the open book exam. But, it becomes daunting for learners to learn everything when they only have one day. In this situation, they search for help and tricks for writing tests. However, students do not find some valuable tips. This article can be fruitful in resolving the situation.

If you also have to give the open book exam in the coming days, the below section pointers can be valuable to perform well at this time.

7+ Tips to Prepare for the Open Book Exam in One Day

Students should study well, whether it is an open book exam or not. They have to prepare for the test before giving one. Also, this is necessary for scholars if they want to perform well. However, they do not know how to prepare for this exam. This article provides the tips in the below section to make the process simple for the learners.

1. First Switch of Your Phone

When students have only one day left for the open book exams, they should not waste a penny of time. First of all, they should switch off their phone to avoid any distractions while studying. Also, they should start preparing for this test as soon as possible. This exam requires students to take quick responses to complete on time.

2. Collect All Study Material

In the open book exams, students have to collect all study material after turning off the phone. Scholars only get some specific time or 24 hours to complete this test. So it is essential for them to take the all necessary things to one place. This eventually helps learners to find the answers quickly with this trick.

3. Find a Good Place for Study

Students can prepare well for the online open book tests by creating a good place for study. To do so, they can clean their study room and table to make good surroundings. Doing this can ultimately assist them in getting a good vibe and learning the subject. They can collect all the necessary things, which are vital for the upcoming exam, in order to find the answers quickly.

4. Review Written Notes

Scholars should check all the notes that they create during the whole semester. They can place all the notes on the study table. After all, it can make learners’ way easy to search for the asking question faster. Also, this can assist students in finding and writing the answer in their language from the notes; they made throughout the semester.

5. Make Exploration Tricks

When students have open book exams on their heads, they can pull the pressure off by creating tricks, which help them to find topics in seconds. Doing this is essential if a scholar wants to achieve top scores by finishing the test efficiently. During this time, students can make flash cards with page numbers to find the asking question smoothly. Apart from them, they can use the essay typer tool for such an open book examination to know the quality of answers.

6. Create Study Plan 

It can be valuable for students to create a timetable. They can divide the time for each chapter analysis. Also, this can be fruitful to get an overview of all chapters. Following the plan is eventually helpful for scholars to cover all vital topics. In addition, learners can achieve higher scores by writing all the answers by following the study plan.

7. Review Your Syllabus

It is necessary to check the whole syllabus once before giving the open book tests. This type of exam requires more conceptual learning than the exact answers. So scholars should sharpen their skills by checking the entire syllabus before appearing for one test. Also, adhering to this way assists learners in finding all the questions and writing on them accordingly.

8. Highlight Key Topics

Students should complete an overview by learning all the vital queries while preparing for the open book exams. To do so, they can highlight all crucial definitions and topics. This help to find the answers quickly. Also, it is valuable to save much time in such a situation. Completing this exam requires time management skills. With that, learners can easily handle the pressure of a test and finish the writing smoothly.

These are the crucial tips that help students overcome the writing hurdle without taking stress in an open book test. Scholars can easily adhere to the deadline with the above given list.

Final Words

An open book examrequires time handling skills because of the strict duration. It has given to check the ability of the learners. Also, they have to write the answers on the methods and concept bases. Students often face difficulties due to the lack of preparation for the test. Although, they can avoid that and perform well while taking the above pointers in mind. Also, it can be simple for scholars to achieve higher scores by completing the test with the mentioned tips.


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