How often should you upgrade your WiFi router?

Are you having trouble streaming your favorite shows? Do your Zoom calls keep lagging? It may be time to upgrade your WiFi router. With the right router, you can get faster internet speeds and better connectivity. But how often should you upgrade your router? That depends on a few factors, such as your internet usage and the age of your router. It’s important to keep your router up-to-date to ensure that your internet connection is reliable. In this article, we’ll explore the factors to consider when deciding whether or not to upgrade your router and how often to do so. So read on to find out the best way to keep your WiFi connection running smoothly.

Factors to Consider When Deciding to Upgrade a Router

Age of Router – A router’s lifespan is usually between five and seven years, after which it starts to slow down. If you’ve had your router for more than a few years, it’s probably time to upgrade. You can also check the warranty on your router to see when it expires. If you keep yours for a few years beyond its lifespan, you might see a significant drop in speeds. You may also experience Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Another sign that it’s time to upgrade your router is if you’ve had to reset it at least once a month.

Internet Usage – If you have a large household, or you’re always streaming, gaming, or doing other data-heavy activities, you may want a more powerful router. If you’re in a smaller home with average internet use, you can likely get away with a regular router. i.e you can connect with ip or

Technology Changes – If the internet service providers (ISPs) in your area have changed the Wi-Fi frequencies, you may need to upgrade your router. If the government has just started rolling out new 5G networks, you’ll also need a new router.

How Often Should You Upgrade Your Router

If you have a perfectly functional router, you don’t have to upgrade every few months. But if you’ve had your router for two or more years, it might be time for a replacement. If you don’t replace your router when it’s time, you may experience connectivity issues. You may also see a significant drop in internet speeds. If you feel like you’ve been putting off buying a new router for too long, start by asking yourself a few questions. First, how often do you use your internet? If you use it often, you’ll probably need a stronger router. If you’re in a large household or you stream often, you’ll need a more powerful router. Next, how much do you spend on internet service each month? If your router is slowing down your internet speeds, you might need to upgrade to a stronger router.

  1. Every Two Years

If you’ve had your router for two years or more, it might be time to upgrade. The longer you use an old router, the less speed and power it will have.


  1. When You Move

If you move to a new home, you’ll need to get a new router. Your new neighbors will appreciate it too, as the router you have now may be causing interference with their WiFi connection.


  1. When You Upgrade Your Internet Plan

If you boost your internet plan, you should probably switch routers as well. You may have been fine with the router you had before, but as with any other technological device, it’s important to keep your router up-to-date.


Advantages of Upgrading Your Router

Better Connectivity – A new router can help you connect to the internet more quickly. It can also help you stay connected to the internet more reliably. A stronger router will be able to withstand greater amounts of internet traffic, like when you’re streaming or gaming with friends. A stronger router will also be able to produce more WiFi hotspots in your house.

Enhanced Security – Newer routers come with better security features that keep your data safe. A more recent router will help protect you against hackers trying to steal your information.

Newer Technology – Newer routers come with newer technology that allows you to do things like set up parental controls, track your data usage, and even set up remote access.

Better for Streaming – Newer routers come with faster internet speeds that are perfect for streaming. They’re also able to process more data, which is great for when you have a lot of people online in your house. – Newer Features – Newer routers come with more advanced features such as voice assistants and smart home integrations.


Tips for Choosing the Right Router

Wi-Fi Standards – You’ve probably noticed that router manufacturers list their products using Wi-Fi standards like 802.11ac. The higher the standard, the more powerful and faster the router. The best thing to do is to check the internet speeds in your area and then buy a router that can match them

. – Range – Range refers to how far your router’s signal can reach. The higher the range, the farther your signal can travel. This can be helpful if you want to cover a large amount of space, like a big yard, with your WiFi connection. There are two ways to increase your router’s range. You can buy a stronger router that has a higher range, or you can create a WiFi extender to boost your current router’s range.

Types of Routers – There are many different types of routers. There’s the standard single-band router, which is good for smaller homes. There’s also the dual-band router, which is better for larger homes. There are also tri-band routers, which can be great depending on your needs.


When buying a new router, make sure to take into account the type of internet you have and how you use it. If you’re in a larger home and/or have frequent internet usage, a tri-band router may be a good choice for you. You also have to consider factors such as the type and age of your router, as well as your internet service provider. If any of these three things change, it’s best to get a new router to keep your internet running smoothly. Now that you know when it’s time to upgrade your router and which type is best for you, you’ll be ready for any new technology that comes your way.

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