How Long Should Graduate Record Examinations Essays Be?

Many students get stuck when it comes to the essay section of the GRE about the word limit and pattern of writing essays.

When you are preparing for Graduate Record Examinations and searching for answers to your queries like How long should my GRE essay be? What parameters are used for scoring in GRE? Or where I can get Assignment Help Liverpool Experts for preparing for my GRE essay? In this article, we have come up with the answers to all of your queries related to the GRE.

 What is the Graduate Record Examination?

GRE is a standardized evaluation test conducted by ETS (Educational testing services) to evaluate one’s aptitude for abstract thinking in various fields like analytical thinking, mathematics, etc., for admission to various programs, including MS, MCA, and MBA in the UK.

The Graduate Record Examination essay is frequently referred to as the GRE Analytical Writing Assessment or AWA. As its name suggests, it assesses two things: first analytical writing and the second one is critical thinking.

Now the Verbal and Quant sections of the GRE test are quite relaxing for the student as it has a predefined structure like MCQ, and you have to just analyze and give an answer in the form of objectives. The next part where you must pay attention to using your analytical thinking is the essay part, i.e., Analytical Writing, which is open-ended. You have been given some basic guidelines about the essay, and you have to write.

So, students need Assignment Help Liverpool Experts in analyzing the GRE essay. Regarding the GRE essay, many students get stuck on the length and content evaluation criteria and what they should include in their essays.

How to write the GRE essay section?

Among two of the sections of the GRE essay, i.e., Analytical Writing, and Critical thinking you have been given 60 minutes in which you have to divide your time between two of the writing task:

  1. Analyzing the issue – This section will analyze your critical thinking. Mainly you have been given a statement on which you must agree or disagree. And you have to write an essay on your outlook on the statement by providing evidence. You have to frame your answer to please your reader with your outlook.
  2. Analyzing the argument – This section evaluates your analytical writing skill. It evaluates how you interpret and analyze any argument. You will get a passage on any argument and must evaluate it. In this section, you don’t need to give your own opinion. You need to write the things supporting that argument and how you justify the argument.

Tips for Writing GRE Essay

  • Write logically, be to-the-point

Writing a balanced, well-reasoned essay with supporting arguments and examples is perhaps the AW section’s main objective. Despite all that has been discussed thus far, this is more crucial than essay length. After reading the passage, completely develop your point. Justify the positions you take. Don’t merely mention things and then go on; back them up with logical, convincing arguments.

  • Essay layout

Design a clear-cut proforma of your essay. Don’t write lengthy paragraphs that will lead to boring for the reader. Write short paragraphs with supporting points. Start with a brief but strong introduction followed by 4 to 6 short, easy-to-read paragraphs. Write a short conclusion by summarizing your argument.

  • Supporting examples

You must be prepared with the examples to support your argument. You need evidence or proof to make a statement. Including examples and evidence in your supporting argument will increase your essay’s ranking.

  • Pay attention to Grammar.

As ETS claims, typographical and grammatical issues do not affect the essay’s content and would not lower your score. But it will negatively affect scorers’ perception of your writing skill if they will catch any errors you have in the first paragraph or two. Before submitting, take the time to check your spelling and Grammar or take Assignment Help in UK Service for proofreading your project before submission.

  • Time management is crucial.

Just divide your time carefully between the sections, so in the end, you need not feel anxious about the shortage of time. Take time to plan everything, and make the content preferences according to your time.

How Long Should You Write Your GRE Essay?

ETS has given no word limit, but by observing some sample essays that come along with the GRE official guide, there is a pattern of an essay that received a 5.0 and one that received a 6.0 had much more words.

Longer Essays Are Generally Better Explained

By researching an average essay length, we have concluded that a GRE essay of a 500-600 word limit is ideal for scoring a good grade as less than 500 words are logically not sufficient to include proper examples and well-explained reasoning. And more than 600 words limit comes under lengthy essays, which the examiner gets bored with reading. So with a good supporting argument, you should prepare for the 500-600 GRE essay.


In the end, we suggest you not stick with the word limit of the essay. Get online Assignment Help in UK Service for preparing your GRE essay for quality content. As you know, qualitative content is much better than quantitative content. Write your essay with proper reasoning, and work on the content of your essay.

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