Handling Business Crises is Vital to Sohail F. Rahman to Excel in Entrepreneurial Journey

Handling Business Crises is Vital to Sohail F. Rahman to Excel in Entrepreneurial Journey

Entrepreneurs would expect a smooth journey for the progress of their ventures. But crises can be inevitable. At times, they can emerge due to external factors. Sometimes, a businessman’s choices may also result in negative consequences. Sohail F. Rahman of BEXIMCO Group has faith that crises can teach one something meaningful. But this does not mean that one should go through them unprepared. He is a first generation Bangladeshi businessman who has huge contribution to the country’s economy. Handling challenges should be known to businessmen. While this will help them attain unique experiences, their entrepreneurial journey will become enhanced. The end results of overcoming such situations can have a major positive impact.

A Business Journey has Both Ups and Downs

Success is the main objective that businesses would want to attain. To do so, various situations should be faced. A founder’s journey can include ups as well as downs. Mr. Rahman says that how entrepreneurs react to these can give a new direction to their ventures and help them excel.

Why is Preparing for Negative Impact Vital?

When a crisis comes up, it brings along an unlikely impact. The founder of BEXIMCO Group, Sohail F. Rahman, believes that prior to its emergence, a businessman should know why to prepare for the same. The essential purpose should be to reduce the effect of that impact. This will ensure less damage.

There are 3 additional reasons that indicate why it is crucial to be prepared for crises.

  1. Retaining Your Company’s Reputation

The mindset of a businessman should be stronger than the impact of a challenge. This can positively influence that person’s venture. Then the reputation of the business will be maintained. This will be crucial from the point of view of not just an entrepreneur but customers too.

  1. Not Bringing a Stop in Business Journey

It is rightly highlighted by the Bangladeshi businessman Sohail F. Rahman that preparing for crises can extend the life of a company. Such situations can continue to come. The willingness to handle them will avoid a stoppage in the progress.

  1. Providing You with a Meaningful Experience

The enriching journey of experienced people like Sohail F. Rahman is notable. This particular professional believes that without undergoing challenges, this would not have been possible. His ability to manage them has improved his company’s productivity, efficiency, and core strengths.

3-Step Approach to Manage a Crisis

Although you should be prepared for a crisis in advance, every measure may not be employed beforehand. The 3-step approach to apply consists of what you should do before and during the situation.

  1. Securing Credit

The first step is to always maintain credit. Right from the start of your business, this should be implemented. Additionally, you can secure sources or connections that you can rely on for financial needs in these times.

  1. Strengthening Team

This step is also an ongoing process, according to Sohail F. Rahman. For a number of reasons, entrepreneurs count on their teams. During challenges too, this factor can help in dealing with them effectively.

To ensure that your team’s strength is improved and maintained:

  • You should carefully hire every employee.
  • Enable good working conditions.
  • Foster excellent communication and harmony among employees.
  • Nurture team-building spirit.
  1. Good Judgment

Amidst a difficult situation, a company’s founder can feel the pressure to make the right decision. To do so, advancing matters in haste is not suggested. The third crucial part of this approach is to make a sound judgment.

This is possible when you fully understand what the problem is. Then you should focus on its positive and negative sides. Based on both, you should make a judgment. Your decision to tackle the crises will not be random. Hence, its effect is likely to be seen to the fullest.


Regardless of the cause of a problem in your business, you should handle it. To do so, you should be prepared in advance. The zeal for this can increase when you comprehend why crisis management is essential. Then, using a functional approach, you can manage and come out of the situation. Your entrepreneurial journey will be highlighted with useful experiences and bring rewarding occasions in the future.

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