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Gainesville, Florida, is Alachua County’s largest city and the county seat. It is the cultural, educational, and commercial hub. It houses the largest and oldest university in Florida and is the center for education, medicine, culture, and athletics. In the city, the University of Florida and UF’s Shands Hospital are the major employers that provide hundreds of employment for many residents of the nearby regions. Gainesville has many old buildings, natural surroundings, and numerous parks, museums, and lakes that attract thousands of visitors. Featuring beautiful scenery and an urban “forest,” the city has become one of the most attractive cities in Florida.

Student housing in Gainesville

Gainesville is much different from other places in Florida. The amalgamation of the effervescence of the university town and the protected natural beauty makes it a unique place, “where nature and culture meet. Travelers and hikers are sure to love this city as it has more than 30 miles of biking and hiking trails. You can sea birds, bison, wild horses and alligators, and other wild animals in seven Florida state parks. You can also enjoy scenic river canoeing or paddle boarding.

Gainesville is a rich melting pot, offering vibrant college town life, affordable and often free attractions for the whole family, and peaceful, laid-back outdoor experiences for those who want to take it a little easier. Whatever your passion, the nature and culture of Gainesville and Alachua County are just right for you.

With so many choices for student housing in Gainesville, FL, finding the perfect student apartment is surely a challenge. But with the local letting agents, you can choose from a variety of student housing options, including furnished apartments, studios, shared rooms, dorms, and 1 and 2-bedroom student apartments that offer all the amenities students want – all in one place! 

Looking for off-campus housing near the University of Florida or Warrington University of Business? Then you can find several student apartments close to these universities provided by the leading student accommodation providers. All these accommodations are equipped with all the amenities and facilities you need. With amenities like WiFi, outdoor courtyards, parking, and much more, you will never be bored in these accommodations.

Living in Gainesville as a student

Cost of living: Living as a student in this city is ascetically expensive. If you want to have a meal at an inexpensive restaurant then it would cost you about $15.

Student-friendly places: There are numerous student-friendly and safe neighborhoods in the city. These areas are not only close to the universities but are also well-equipped with all the facilities. Some of these neighborhoods include Fifth Avenue and University Heights.

Student Rent: Gainesville is one of the most budget-friendly locations in the U.S., and finding the best student housing is a breeze with several leading student property providers. The affordable student accommodation Gainesville options start as low as $534 and have deals as low as $300.

Must-see places in Gainesville

There are a number of thrilling things to do in Gainesville. Though Gainesville does not seem to promise a lot of fun, especially in the downtown area, which may look like a low-key district, when you start traveling around exploring the city, you will get to know how much fun you can have in this city. You will love this city for its beautiful museums around local culture, art, and natural history. The city also has some admirable parks and restaurants where you can have the time of your life.

There are so many attractions in Gainesville. You can visit the Florida Museum of Natural History. There is a little bit for everyone in terms of age, gender, and interest in this enormous, expansive complex that is home to anything from life-sized dinosaur bones to living butterfly jungles. More than 10,000 paintings are available for viewing at the Harn Museum of Art, and admission is completely free. Additionally, you can visit The Bat Houses. Numerous unique and endangered types of bats, as well as dozens of other species, can be found at the Lubee Bat Conservancy.

There are additional Gainesville attractions outside of those wonderful museums and indoor activities. Some of these are located around the city, such as the Devil’s Millhopper State Park and the Morningside Nature Centre.

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