Do Smokers Need To Switch To Vapes

More than 70% of smokers want to quit smoking; however, most find it difficult to kick the habit. Speaking from experience, it is very hard to quit smoking, but procedures like chewing the quitting gum, use of disposable vape kits, getting into support groups, and NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) can be helpful; however, many transitioning and ex-smokers miss the sensation of puffing on the conventional cigarettes.

Switching To Vape Devices:

The switch to vapes from conventional cigarettes is an ideal way to ditch smoking as it substitutes nicotine and the smoking sensation that most smokers long for. Studies suggest that vaping devices can help people quit, and there are certain benefits to vaping. But, it is not just as simple as substituting cigarettes for vaping devices, and there lie some crucial considerations.

Vape Kits To Stop Smoking:

Recently, e-cigarettes have become most popular with transitioning smokers in the UK. Devices known as e-cigs or disposable vapes are quite less harmful when compared to cigarettes, and these can help you quit smoking for good. The demand for discreet, sleek, small, and portable disposable vape devices has skyrocketed. Bear + Aspire R1 and Lost Mary 3500 are trending nowadays.

Vapes are not for non-smokers, and the law says these cannot be sold to people under 18.

Vaping Vs. Alternatives To Quit Smoking:

There are several ways to quit smoking, including;

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapies – NRTs
  • Cold Turkey
  • Use of quitting medications


None of the vape kits is regarded or approved as the official stop-smoking alternative. However, these are considered 95% less harmful for delivering nicotine than burning tobacco. Vaping is known to help many people in the UK quit smoking and is generally considered a legitimate way to become and stay smoke-free.

According to recent studies, vaping is twice as effective compared to NRTs for helping people quit smoking. According to a clinical trial in the UK, close to 900 people were trying disposable vapes vs NRTs for 3 months of product use and 4 weeks of support from a quit coach. After a year, 10% of the NRT group remained non-smokers, and 18%of the people using vapes still remained non-smokers, making vaping twice as effective.

What is Vaping?

Quitting tobacco cigarettes is not easy, and this is why many people prefer vaping to quit the habit. With disposable vape kits, you can keep your routine, including socializing and cigarette breaks.

Vaping is way more than only a method to replenish the nicotine; when you have been a smoker for a while, it becomes a habit and a part of your life. Vaping allows you to keep your routine without exposing you to the harmful toxins that come with burning tobacco.

Your end goal should be to quit smoking entirely instead of smoking and then vaping, as even a single cigarette per day causes damage.

Final Word:

There are plenty of instances of people using disposable vape kits to quit smoking. There are also several published research studies about the effectiveness of vaping as a safe smoking alternative. All of this is true, but one should keep in mind that vaping is relatively new to the market, and there are not many trials over a longer period of use with time.

50PG/50VG Vape Juice:

As clear by the name, the 50/50 E-liquids offer a balanced ratio of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Because of this, vapers enjoy blends that offer fantastic flavor and massive vapors at the same time. The top 50/50 vape juices have a strong nicotine percentage and hit. This is why many vapers prefer these. Most disposable vapes come with 50/50 PG/VG ratios.

Do E-liquids Suit Every Type Of Vape?

When looking at the varying types of vape liquids, you will note that these are not all the same. While some varieties of Eliquids are thick and are preferred for producing bigger clouds, other types are rather runny and are ideal for giving a higher nicotine hit and enhanced flavor delivery.

This essentially means that different E-liquids are made to offer varying perks of vaping and thus need different vape kits. If you are confused about choosing the perfect e-liquid, go for disposable vapes because they involve no complexities.

For instance, the thick liquids need more power and thus require low-resistance vape coils; the coils required for thicker vape liquids also offer a large surface area for making the absorption of viscous liquid a tad bit easier.

Buying Eliquid And Vape Kits – Wrap-Up:

This post has covered the topic thoroughly and answered the queries well enough. In summary, many types of varying vape liquids are available in the market that works best with different vaping devices. If your vape juice is thinner, simpler, and comes in small bottles, it will be suitable to use a different vape kit than those thicker vape liquids.


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