Deference Of Wireless& Wired Headphones with Headphones Price in Pakistan

Today we will touch on a popular topic, in which, so, there is a lot of obvious, but not for everyone. We are talking about modern wireless (TWS) and wired headphones. Since full-size Headphones will generally be torn to smithereens by TWS, we will compare with wired in-ear Headphones Price in Pakistan. Everyone will be on the topic: comfort lovers, audiophiles, eplofans, and just Igor, who is “normal” to consume content through streaming audio services like Spotify.

Division into classes of consumers

I will immediately indicate that I am in the middle between audiophiles and those who are “normal” to listen to online streaming.

So, we have a conditional Petya, who grew up on vinyl and tube players. Having moved into the world of electronic progress, he continues to listen to such content, only in digitized form, from the same records. He has a hi-res player, from $150 to infinity, armature/hybrid wired headphones with one or more drivers. All his content is in lossless format and with a bitrate of 900 kbps – 5000 kbps. He also has acoustics at the price of a kidney at home and the accompanying copper-gilded perversions – in front of you is an audiophile. He listens to technology, not music.

Petya’s friend belongs to the second category, only without the last item with expensive acoustics. This is the category I fall into.

The third niche is the guys who listen with great pleasure to Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, their playlists, manually uploaded on wired headphones from a mobile phone or some kind of “sans”.

By the way, I have a Sansa Clip Zip as a memory. Freaky “baby”, weighing 16 grams, under a modified firmware (Rockbox) is able to produce the coolest sound for a non-hi-res portable at one time.

Well, the fourth category. People listen to TWSok (sometimes obscenely expensive) everything the same as the guys from the third niche.

Oh yes, there is also an apple + airpods caste. This is generally a scream and why, I will tell below.

TWS headphones: pros and cons

Audiophiles can safely skip this point.

Above, we have identified categories of people and their needs. Now we’ll talk about those who love dubious comfort and “anyhow played.”

What can modern bluetooth 5.2 do? “Already” 2 Mbps is one time. What codecs does bluetooth support?

The vast majority of TWSok support SBC Models with support for aptx – less. AptxHD – already on the fingers, but with the LDAC codec – “already” 1 model and then, a miserable rocker in the form of Sony WI-1000XM2. Do not forget, we are talking about TWS headphones.

Now a moment of sarcasm for users of apple technology, which is only friendly with the AAC codec. Guys, why don’t you listen over the air, you won’t jump above 250kbps. Well, do not die? When buying branded airpods for a lot of money… Yes, at the software level, marketers will tell you that everything is super-duper and compensated, but you are not small and you understand that all these boosters-shmusters will not overtake a piece of iron. Yes, they will embellish, but a narrow neck is a narrow neck.

So, now briefly about the pros and cons of wireless headphones.


  • controversial convenience of a wireless design (controversial because if not foam, then they are lost and fall out for one or two.


  • sound quality often does not match the price / quality;
  • loss or loss of headphones;
  • you need to charge (yes, no matter how much they “keep” the charge, but at the most inopportune moment – bam and discharged).

For me, as well as for my acquaintances who have been working in the field of portable audio equipment for more than 10 years, it remains a mystery: why by 2021 a wider data stream cannot be launched via bluetooth. Marketing? Lack of demand?

Summing up with TWS headphones, I can say the following: I also listened to expensive copies, $ 300-400 and cheaper. All this is pampering. For the price of such, but expensive TWSok, you can buy 2 pairs of excellent wired intrachannels.

In order not to be unfounded and at least to help the TWS army in some way, check out the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 For their $100 they give a tolerable sound. I wouldn’t give more for TWS

Wired in-ear headphones

I don’t even know what to write here. Audiophiles who have returned from a smoke break already understand everything. This item is rather for a contrast comparison with TWS.

A wire is a wire. I’ll start with the pros/cons.


  • sound quality;
  • no problems with charging;
  • due to the presence of a wire – you will not lose;
  • the price almost always corresponds to the quality, there are no overpayments, as in the TWS option


  • “microphone effect” in the cold (this is when the wire tans and you hear the touch of clothes);
  • the wire frays at the junctions with the emitters and near the jack, but for headphones from $100 – $150 this happens extremely rarely;
  • for those who are strained by the wire – the wire.

All of the above minuses, crosses out the sound quality over the wire.

On my own, I recommend paying attention to Queen of Audio Vesper Jade Green and 1More .Excellent options for lovers of “dark” and balanced sound for a price of up to $100 I can’t advise more expensive options because they already need a more detailed approach and listening for themselves.

Over the years, I have listened to a lot of headphones, but now the Chinese are taking the market into their own hands. Shure, Etymotic – go into the shadows.

Is there food in the horse?

There is another funny nuance. Many, buying expensive headphones, listen to streaming audio, where the entire sound spectrum is not revealed even by half. Beginning audiophiles stumble over the stones of incompatibility of certain headphones with purchased hi-res players and music styles. Hayters are sibilants, they take “light” players and spit from high frequencies. Fans of “Schaub gupalo” buy reinforcing headphones and complain about the lack of brain-blowing bass.

There are people who buy headphones for $300-400 and listen on smartphones. Yes, there are five smartphones with a built-in DAC (I have an LG G7), this is another option, but you also need to understand that the DAC in a smartphone will still be a cropped version.


For many, the article was an obvious fact, but I am sure that some have discovered something new for themselves.

The conclusion is obvious: everyone has their own needs and ability to hear. Therefore, I will be glad if the information in the article helped you in the future, you will be prepared.

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