Crossborder MSME Exchange Programme By Fintech Firm Tide to Enhance Global Exports!

Tide, a leading fintech firm in the UK, has announced the launch of the MSME Exchange Programme (MEP) with India. Indeed, the initiative will boost the bond between India and UK and create multiple opportunities for startups, small and medium businesses to expand their reach. 

The program brought in by MEP is all set to strengthen 5,00,000 women-led small businesses in India by 2027. With its investment of around £100m, the fintech firm brings many more opportunities for the country to create more such empowering businesses. 

This cross-border exchange programme will undoubtedly lead to a better foundation for both countries and scatter the reach of various domains, whether healthcare, food delivery, courier delivery, or fintech. Even one can prepare for their ongoing business to make the most of this programme with the amalgamation of technology while taking assistance from the best mobile app development company in India and building their own app. 

More about the exchange programme!

To resolve all your doubts about this exchange programme, let’s continue reading further. 

According to the MEP, the fintech firm Tide will select two entrepreneurs from both countries and sponsor them to visit the corresponding nation to enhance their business practices among each other. 

The programme will start on 1 June and end on 30 May 2024. Also, it allows eight businesses from each country to consider their participation while elaborating on entrepreneurship, legal frameworks, knowledge exchange in regulatory compliance, products, networking, etc. 

How can your business scatter its reach?

Isn’t it a great thing for entrepreneurs in these two countries to scatter their growth and reach worldwide? But don’t you think that progress comes with competition, and each of you has to prepare your shield to stay ahead of the curve no matter the situation?

So, to beat the heat, ensure to build your own app today. Not only you will make your business presence in the market with the robust delivery of your fintech app but also unlock the way for your business to move not just in the UK but all over the world. 

If you have thought of it earlier, it’s the moment when you should turn it into a reality with the support of the best mobile app development company in India. Below are multiple benefits of why you should build your own app today. 

Let’s move in and explore!

Why should businesses go with app development? 

Jumping on to this part, let’s explore why as a business, you should consider app development to build your brand and attract audiences from worldwide. 

  • Build Brand Awareness

Every business looks for a way to enhance its brand awareness, and when you have your own mobile app, you can seamlessly obtain it because every hand will scroll through the products and services you offer, and every eye will be on your robust app. 

Interesting, right?

Internet brings us many benefits, but nothing can match the convenience for users and market reach for businesses; it ensures via a mobile app. 

  • Increase Customer Engagement

Even if the customers are not engaging today due to physical barriers and other problems, don’t worry because the days will be changed. You will have boosted customer engagement with your mobile app as people today spend more time using their smartphones. 

Providing your availability on the same platform will ensure boosted customer engagement. Even technologies like push notifications allow you to come closer to your targeted users while sending them alerts and reminders about discounts, sales, rewards, and upcoming surprises. 

  • Better Customer Service

Another reason people are shifting towards mobile phones to get their desired products is because of the customer service they have been provided with the integration of virtual assistants and chatbots. 

You can also reduce the cost incurred by the customer executive when building an app with the chatbot. While customer executives cannot be presented every time, a chatbot can let your end-users resolve all their doubts and queries regarding a product or service. Various banks have been developing their own fintech apps using tremendous technologies and innovations with the support of a top fintech app development company and achieving progressive milestones like never before. 

  • Market Reach

You will soon get your reach in the market with your app on millions and billions of smartphones worldwide. When people start liking your services and offers, you will indeed have an enhanced market reach. However, for that, it is a must to build a robust and dynamic app with all the trendy features and technologies that will beat all your competition and let you record a win-win in the market and consumers’ hearts. 

In a Nutshell!

Crossborder MSME exchange is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to expand their market reach. It will bring many more benefits to your small and medium-sized enterprises. However, if you want more opportunities to make your business go beyond the limits, it’s time to connect with a leading fintech app development company today. 

When you hire app developers from the best company, there will be exceptional revenue generation and business reach with your project, and you will have fantastic opportunities.

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