CIPD Level 7 Writers – Business Research in People Practice

CIPD level 7 writers are responsible for conducting and writing up a range of people-related research, including data analysis. The work may be targeted at the business as a whole, or at specific teams or individuals. Level 7 writers are typically expected to be able to understand issues, trends, and issues relating to people, culture, and capability.

Benefits of CIPD Level 7 Writers

CIPD Level 7 writers not only play a central role in the strategic development of an organization, but they can also help an organization understand its strengths and weaknesses. This can make an organization more effective and efficient, and boost employee morale.

Level 7 writers can also be used to conduct employee surveys, which allow organizations to get an employee’s perspective on issues such as management, culture, career development, and work-life balance.

When organizations understand the issues, employees are facing, they can create new programs or policies to address them. Level 7 writers can also help organizations understand their customers’ needs and preferences through research.

Key Skills in CIPD Level 7 Writers

The level 7 writers must be able to synthesize information from various sources, including online data and interviews. They must be able to evaluate the validity of various sources and make decisions about how to use the information gathered.

CIPD level 7 writers should understand how different data can be used to support or challenge their assumptions. They should also be able to identify gaps in the data that would make it difficult to draw conclusions. In developing People Practice Strategies, writers should be able to understand the big-picture concept behind their work. This will help them to determine what type of research would be most helpful. They should be familiar with the various types of research, such as quantitative and qualitative data.

They should also be able to understand the difference between primary and secondary data. Level 7 writers should be able to explain their research findings in a way that makes sense to people who don’t have as much experience with data as they do.

Developing People Practice Strategies

The level 7 writers may be involved in creating strategies that help improve employee retention. This could involve creating surveys to identify the reasons employees are choosing to leave and then developing programs that would address those reasons.

CIPD Level 7 writers might also be involved in creating strategies that help improve employee satisfaction. This could include recommending ways to address issues like pay or benefits. Level 7 writers may also be involved in creating strategies that help improve employee engagement, which is when employees feel connected to the organization and are motivated to do their jobs well.

This could involve creating programs that make employees feel appreciated or creating ways to help employees solve problems that they’re facing.

Writing Reports and Presentations

CIPD level 7 writers are typically expected to write reports that include data, analysis, and recommendations for improvement. They may also be asked to create presentations for employees or management on the topics they’re researching.

They may be asked to keep records of progress and make forecasts for the future. They may also be asked to collect and analyse data to support existing business practices or to challenge assumptions.

Final Note

As experts in HR and L&D, frequently questioned the level of education and expertise needed to complete a CIPD Advanced Diploma. The answer is never simple because there are so many different factors, but in the end, a strong academic background is not what counts.

You might possess a wealth of real-world experience that can serve as professional evidence. You might be a recent graduate entering the workforce who can handle the program’s academic demands but still needs to gain new knowledge and experience.

In either case, the Advanced Diploma will require diligence and resolve, but our teaching strategies accommodate students with different levels of experience, and tutors have assisted candidates from various backgrounds for many years.

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