Caribbean Cuisine Interesting Facts You Must Know

Getting to taste exotic cuisines is a mouthwatering experience people eagerly look forward to. While anyone might get curious to try the unusual delicacies of a new label, some culinary traditions have continued to enamor the world down the history. Caribbean foods have a huge following in several parts of the globe due to its distinct flavor.

Caribbean culinary tradition has successfully evolved a delicious range of foods by getting together unique dishes and cooking styles entwined with their interesting history. It is very common to find Caribbean restaurants in several new geographies. Living in Florida or visiting this region, you stand a big chance to taste the authentic Caribbean cuisine Florida in some distinguished restaurants.  

If you are new to Caribbean foods, this article is for you. In this read, you will understand the unique characteristics of Caribbean culinary tradition and why they continue to interest people of different backgrounds. 

Caribbean Cuisine Interesting Facts

  • A long list of Caribbean delicacies is seasoned using onions, scotch bonnet peppers, garlic and many other herbs and spices. Probably this is one good reason why these dishes are mouthwatering. 

  • A handful of Caribbean dishes are deep fried in oil. Some meals are roasted, barbequed or grilled. These varieties have a distinct following among some ergonomically conscious people. 

  • Most meat delicacies are either wet-marinated or dry-rubbed using jerk seasoning, green seasoning, and several other spices for the purpose.
  • A large variety of sea snail known as conch is a specially preferred delicacy in Caribbean cuisine. Many Caribbean restaurants serve this as a specialty offering. 

  • One of the rarely exposed cooking secrets of Caribbean culinary tradition is advanced marinating, which brings about a healthy cooking format without the addition of fats like oil or butter. 

  • One rare ingredient you might not expect in Caribbean cuisine is coconut milk, which is perhaps responsible for the unique flavor of Caribbean cuisines. 

  • A large variety of fruits and vegetables are included in several foods making these varieties a healthy option along with their delightful tastes. 

  • Caribbean culinary tradition has immensely gained from several leading culinary traditions of the world including Indian, Chinese, Spanish, African and American due to the influx of these culinary elements into the islands along with the people who visited these islands. 

  • Though plantains look similar to bananas, they are quite different from them and it might be hard for you to tell the difference. 

  • The wide range of spices and seasoning ingredients evoke a distinctive flavor to these foods making them taste hot, tangy, sweet, and in several other tasteful variations. Therefore, anyone will have something in Caribbean cuisines that they can fall in love with. 

Take Away

All these factors and many more that people hardly know bestow the distinctive character to Caribbean cuisines. To get the most out of Caribbean foods, you must choose the best restaurant that serves authentic range of Caribbean foods. Visit the nearest Caribbean restaurant to appease the craving of your taste buds by indulging in the select range of Caribbean cuisine FL.

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