A Basic Guide to Choose the Best Quality Gemstone jewelry

Do you think buying gemstone jewelry are merely meant to add a shinning stone to your jewelry collection that you could wear to look beautiful?

Well, it way beyond that.

First of all, the significance of gemstone jewelry goes beyond the scope of beauty. The mystical healing properties that these gemstones are blessed with works collectively for the betterment of mind, body and soul.

Secondly, authentic gemstone jewelry comes at a high prize.

So its not that you would be able to buy them every now and then.

That exquisite and alluring opal ring you are planning to gift your wife should be purchased after assessing its quality and authenticity. Furthermore, ensuring the reliability of the gemstone jewelry supplier is too necessary to get the best deal.

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Buying gemstone jewelry is not a one-time purchase, but an investment you make for your ownself.

And the returns usually get translated into the everlasting beauty, ethereal elegance and divine benefits for the body.

All these astonishing advantages would be served to you in a silver spoon. The only consideration you should be aware about is to always peep out for the best quality gemstone jewelry.

To go on easy for that, we have got for you a basic guide on how to choose the best quality gemstone jewelry.

Which is the type of Gemstone?

The primary task is to decide which gemstone you are looking forward to. Some of the most valuable and in-demand gemstones in market are:

  • Opal jewelry

  • Larimar jewelry

  • Turquoise jewelry

  • Moldavite jewelry

  • Libyan Desert Glass jewelry

Every gemstone is adored and appealing in its own unique way.

However, gemstones differ widely across certain factors such as:

  • Coloration

  • Versatility

  • Lustre

  • Appearance

  • Healing properties

What is your Overall Budget?

Market is brimming with multiple-quality and grading gemstones that vary dramatically on the basis of their price.

The average price level for gemstone jewelry in the market is between $10-$10,000 per carat.

Precisely managing your overall budget is therefore, mandatory to get your favorite gemstone jewelry at a fair deal.

What is the Coloration of the Gemstone?

No matter which gemstone you are buying, falling for the beautiful vibrance and coloration remains constant.

Gemstones differs across their primary colours known as the body colour. Besides, gemstones also depicts multiple shades and shine across different coloration.

Usually, all the gemstones have one primary colour known as the body colour. Over and above it, each gemstone differs across the shades that shines through its surface.

Some gemstones are so much mystical that they are priced for their adorable and cheerful colours. The exquisite “play-of-colours” in opal jewelry and the divine “adularescence” in moonstone jewelry are the perfect examples for that.

Just keep in mind that the colour should’nt be too much dark (could be dye) or too light (low-quality).

The Clarity level of the Gemstones

Gemstones are also proced according to their calrity level.

Their clarity range across between transparent to opaque.

The more transparent is the surface, the more precious and beautiful they tend to be. Even transparent gemstones are comparatively rare and more expensive.

Exception cases exists. Like in case of black opals. Due to its dark lustre, an opaque surface goes perfect.

Just stay away from gemstones having a blur or cloudy surface.

Cut of the Gemstone

For a captivating brilliance and beauty, the cut of the gemstone plays a crucial role too.

Gemstones that are soft and tender are easily mouldable and can be given multiple shapes like heart-shaped, rounded and oval. Some new variations also include moon-shape and star-shaped.

Some customer-friendly soft gemstones in the market are Sterling Silver and moonstone.

Carat Weight

Last but not the least, yet another important factor that contributes towards the quality of the gemstone jewelry is it’s overall carat weight.

Before finalizing any piece of gemstone jewelry, always prioritize its overall carat weight than its size.

This is because on a global standard, gemstones are prized on the basis of their carat weight, not their size and composition.

Most fake jewelry players misuse the tendency of jewelry lovers of falling for the size ot the gemstones.

Fake gemstones can be quite colossal, but hollow from within.

In a nutshell, the true worth of a gemstone is determined by its carat weight, not by its size.

Where to Find the Best. Gemstone jewelry?

Market has got quite cluttered, as it has got penetrated by hordes of players. Some of them are just fraud.

So, now the question arises that from where to procure 100% authentic, top-notch quality gemstone jewelry?

Well, you have landed at the desired place.

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