7 Ways for Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Children

The things we write, understand, hear, say or read make us capable of judgement. This capability of judgement is called critical thinking. In schools, where you ought to have an artificial environment of teaching-learning procedure, it takes time to develop critical thinking.

What was there in the traditional educational system was that students repeat after the teacher what is written in their books. Classrooms present homework, memorization and drill instead of making students think.

Adamas International School is the top international school in North Kolkata, supplements the kids with critical thinking by connecting them with different ideas, helping them work in groups, asking questions, or encouraging them for decision-making.

1. Ask Open Ended Questions

As a teacher, you can ask about a student’s ideas. Suppose you have read a chapter; you may ask value-based questions and may know about what students have learnt or understood. You will learn the student’s viewpoints and whether they are correct.

2. Teach Kids the High-Order Thoughts

Here, there is not only the teacher but the parents come into the picture to provide support to the students. You can help students to have the creative side of the knowledge aspects. Ultimately, the students will have the decision-making skills to support their daily lives.

3. Teach Them to Critically Solve the Problems

You can give different tasks to a child at home or school. For example, you may ask the child to move objects from one room to another without using hands. You can also play a game like Save the Egg using any tool or hand. It will make the students brainstorm a variety of solutions and thereby help to work on one solution.

4. Always Ask, “Why?”

Children often create answers to a lot of questions in their minds. As a teacher or parent, you are the one who is going to validate the things and the student’s statement. For example, if a child has snatched another child’s ball, you can explain to him the reason behind doing so or returning the ball to the same child. You can explain – Why– because it is not his. Adamas International School, the best school in North Kolkata, helps children to become socially and environmentally responsible.

5. Give Them Responsibilities

You can give responsibilities to the child to make them come out of their comfort zone. For example, you can let your child pick their school bag, look after their younger brother/sister, take care of the pet, fold the clothes, etc.

6. Let Them Read Books About the Stories of Mistakes, Perseverance, etc

When you read books, you get to have different ideas. What happens in schools is that students often get the impression of their teachers. They stick to the teacher’s decision which later converts into an orthodox. Thus, reading books helps to counteract the pressure of perfection, conforming, and always having the correct answer.

7. Let Your Kids Have Experiments

When kids are deeply vested in any topic, as a teacher or parent, you should make them engage in experiments. Experiments help students develop critical thinking and bring about many opportunities, encouraging their actions and interest. For example, your child has learnt about trucks, vehicles and other transportation. Let them see things real or make them travel, developing their interest. Adamas International School is the top international school in North Kolkata, which lets your child play, explore, exercise and assist the students wherever necessary.


To let your child think critically, you must allow them to play, have fun and explore things at their best. Vacations often give the best opportunities for parents and children to connect and bring or develop thinking. At Adamas International School, the best school in North Kolkata, the teachers practise to make your child a good thinker.

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