6 Must have Skills of React JS Professionals


React JS is the most popular JavaScript library for developing front-ends. This well-equipped framework allows developers to create responsive web apps while running in the browser for the website. On top of that, React provides unique HTML code that you may reuse across projects.

Naturally, React developers are in great demand for a wide range of web app projects. Thus, to secure the best job as a React developer, they must have a strong knowledge of crucial skills. For such a purpose, you can either refer to this article or get admitted to the training program from the React JS Training Institute in Delhi.

React JS: Meaning

React is a framework for creating user interfaces. It merely connects to what you see on the front end. Therefore, React makes it relatively simple to develop user interfaces by dividing each page into components. Jordan Walke, a Facebook software employee, was the first to construct React. Thus, developers may use React to create web apps that can change data without refreshing the page.

Must-Have Skills for React JS

The following are the must-have skills for React Js professionals.

  • HTML & CSS

Every front-end web developer is familiar with HTML and CSS programming languages. However, react web app developers should be well-versed in creating well-articulated user interfaces and user experiences for websites and web apps utilizing HTML code and CSS script. As a result, React JS developers know the following things:

  1. Create and utilize semantic HTML tags.
  2. Code CSS selectors and use them correctly.
  3. Implement a CSS reset.
  4. Understanding of the box model and thorough knowledge of border-box resetting
  5. Flexbox knowledge
  6. Understand and ability to apply concepts of responsive web design
  7. In the app project, use media queries correctly.
  • JSX

Developers with competency in the ReactJS framework do not always use HTML correctly. However, JSX, or extended code syntax, is a crucial component of the ReactJS ecosystem. This JSX allows developers to know HTML and CSS to work.

Moreover, JSX is an essential element of the React library. This simple extended code syntax genuinely assists developers in getting rid of React.createElement() API, which complicates concerns with in-app applications.

  • Git

Git is a prominent toolkit for app developers of all skill levels and expertise. Because React is an excellent JavaScript framework with reusable components, understanding how to utilize Git repositories to exchange code and other elements with other developers is crucial. Additionally, ReactJS developers may utilize Git to trade and update web app projects on coding forums like GitHub, Gitlab, and BitBucket.

Furthermore, developers may use this toolkit to do several activities, such as combining multiple strategies and dealing with disputes, pushing and pulling operations to examine code modifications, etc.

  • Redux

Redux is the state management library for ReactJS. It is another important skill for any React JS developer. This state management framework actually assists developers in resolving previous issues with asynchronous React updates. However,

the core React team introduces this state management ability to address the concerns associated with asynchronous React updates. It adheres to the same immutability principles and acts similarly to functional programming. Furthermore, this should not be considered a solution for all problems.

  • Node and NPM Package

Are you wondering why you should learn NodeJS given it is a server-side technology? The reason is that NodeJS is adaptable enough to meet the demands of front-end or client-side programming. However, you may modify the NodeJS NPM package to include the React library. This is why understanding the NodeJS and NPM packages is significant. It is even more beneficial since NodeJS, ReactJS, ExpressJS, and the MongoDB database combine to form one of the most prominent technological stacks known as MERN.

  • JavaScript Basics with ES6

Because React is a JavaScript library, having a thorough understanding of the fundamentals and ES6 abilities is essential. The following are some of the most important skills to have as a React developer.

  1. Understanding the scope of data access via variables is a critical skill for the React developer. On the other hand, ES6 gives variables additional power through various keywords.
  2. First, developers must understand how to store and access data within arrays and objects. Second, they must be proficient at handling this data utilizing Array techniques.
  3. To speed up the process, React employs JSX abstraction. Also, you can speed up the process by using DOM manipulation. You must convert several events to HTML elements, such as ‘on clicks, change,”mouseenter,’ etc.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the must-have skills of React JS professionals. These skills may help an individual to advance in their career. Alternatively, they may enroll in the React JS Training Institute in Gurgaon for a more extensive program.

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