5 Ways to get rid of Bed Bugs from your Home Permanently

At some point in time, you will see that you will be faced with pest infestation problems and one of the most bothersome one among all others are bed bugs. These tiny wretched insects suck on your blood at the first instant that they get mostly during the night time like minuscule vampires. Bed bugs get attracted to you because of your body heat, the carbon dioxide that you exhale, and other natural impressions.

It becomes hard for you to avoid or get rid of them once they are inside your home and have started nesting in. It is always wise to take precautions like calling bed bug control services in Bhubaneswar to sanitize and eliminate possible ways in which bed bugs might find their way into your home. But you might be wondering how do they get inside in the first place? These bugs travel enthusiasts and hitchhike from different places to your home like seats of movie theatres, public transportations, hostels, hotels, clothing stores, libraries, buses, trains or airports, etc.

It does not matter where they come from, either takes proper precaution that they don’t come at all or when they do then you should have a backup plan ready with you. It does not take long for bed bugs to breed and the adults can live up to 12 months and before you know it a thriving colony of hundreds of bedbugs would be burrowing hidden in your cracks and crevasses of walls and under the mattress.

Of course, hiring the best bed bug control services in Bhubaneswar or near to your place at the first sign of bed bug infestation is the best way to get back your clean and pest-free home. But here are few other ways that also help you in getting rid of pests permanently.

  1. Regularly washing and sun drying your fabrics – Keeping your fabrics like bed sheets, cushion and pillow covers, and clothes clean and sanitized helps a lot in keeping bed bugs at bay. Bed bugs grow well in clutter and dirt. Also when you provide sun rays to the clothes and fabrics that act as a heater and the biggest enemy of bed bugs is heat.
  2. Giving importance to mattress cleaning – You might not be able to do this regularly but try to keep your mattress as clean as possible. The best hiding ground of these pests is the mattress and they might get inside ad breed out an entire colony there. So either do it yourself or call professional mattress cleaning services in Bhubaneswar to do it for you in a couple of month’s gap period.
  3. Filling the wall cracks – As you know that bed bugs are really small and very hard to trace. They can easily get inside even the tiniest cracks in the walls and stay there till the end of the day. You might have often seen dark spotting on your bed or near the cracks of the wall near to your bed. These are the faecal remnants proving the existence of bed bugs in your home and nesting most probably in the cracks of those walls. So, try to get rid of them altogether.
  4. Checking your furniture and seal them off – The other hiding place for bed bugs is the furniture like tables and chairs. In case some of your furniture is old and has crevasses, then it can be a great hiding place for these nasty creatures. If you are sure about having bed bug infestation then either call professional bed bug control services in Bhubaneswar or any service provider that is near to your place or try to seal the furniture in plastic and keep it lock for a year before using it again.
  5. Getting regular inspection – The best way to permanently getting rid of your bed bug problem is to have the best pest control services in Bhubaneswar give a thorough inspection every few months so that you can be sure that your home is bed bug-free. Just give a call on 07795001555 or visit techsquadteam.com to book our services and our skilled and experienced crew provides you with a doorstep service at your scheduled timing. They check on each and every corner of your home and let you know if you have a bed bug infestation or not.
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