5 Things You Learn In SailPoint Training


SailPoint is an identity administration and governance system for unstructured data. It was founded by Mark McClain in 2005. This system is highly adaptable and supports various group and role-based access management. SailPoint IIQ is a modern governance-based solution that will provide additional group and role management features, identity administration and provisioning, etc. Furthermore, this solution offers password and credential management, risk-based security controls, access request and approval management, access recertification, and enterprise authorization reporting. The SailPoint system enables organizations to create identity-authorized businesses that combine Devices, Applications, and Data for effective functioning. Thus, it is a trusted solution that helps companies to generate more significant profit and security. One can take up SailPoint Online Training, an extremely beneficial course with immense career-building potential.

Let us explore the various features of SailPoint and what one can learn by opting to train in SailPoint.

Features of SailPoint

As mentioned earlier, SailPoint is an identity governance stage that provides modern governance-based solutions for businesses. It is an increasingly popular solution that enables enterprises to enhance their productivity. The key features of SailPoint are as follows:

  • Offers secure remote work
  • Users can embrace zero trust
  • Addresses compliance regulations
  • Automates onboarding and offboarding
  • Provides secure cloud access
  • Safeguards industries

5 Things you Learn in SailPoint Training

SailPoint training is a beneficial course for people in the IT sector. It is a practical course that covers various implementations from real-time project scenarios. Training in this course enables professionals to write custom rules and design custom businesses, workflows, Quicklinks, etc. Furthermore, SailPoint training comes with a SailPoint Certification that helps one make huge career progress.

Let us now look at the main topics covered in SailPoint training.

Installation and Configuration of SailPoint

With SailPoint training, you learn various hardware and software requirements and installation of tools like Linux, MySQL, JDK, Tomcat, etc. You can also learn the configuration and deployment of the SailPoint application.

Aggregation in SailPoint

SailPoint Training helps you learn Aggregation in SailPoint, onboarding various authoritative and non-authoritative applications, identity attributes, mapping, etc.

LDAP and Database Integration in SailPoint

In this, you can learn the basics of LDAP integration in SailPoint, understand different groups in LDAP, learn LDAP search, etc. Additionally, you also get to know Database Integration on SailPoint, the definition and application of Database in SailPoint, managing groups for Database, and so on.

Attribute Synchronization

SailPoint Training helps you understand attribute synchronization in SailPoint. This includes a tutorial on how to set up attribute synchronization for LDAP and JDBC applications.

Integration of ServiceNow and UI Customization

With SailPoint training, you can learn the uses of ServiceNow in SailPoint. Furthermore, SailPoint Training also enables you to customize the logo, identity, application attributes, etc., of the SailPoint application.


In summary, training in SailPoint is an excellent career move as this platform is becoming increasingly popular. Businesses growingly use SailPoint for identity administration and governance. This platform combines an organization’s devices, applications, and data to help companies create identity-authorized enterprises. It is highly secure and addresses compliance regulations. SailPoint automates onboarding and offboarding, provides secure cloud access, and safeguards industries. With all such benefits, SailPoint training is a valuable course for IT professionals. One can enrol themselves in SailPoint Training Institute in Noida to learn the best uses of SailPoint. Training in SailPoint helps students learn installation and configuration in SailPoint, basics of ServiceNow integration, customization of SailPoint application UI, etc. Furthermore, this training provides certificates that help students make career advancements in this domain.

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