5 Things to Look for in a Car Transport Service

When you want to relocate, purchase or sell your vehicle outside the state you live in, you have to ship your vehicle to that particular place. Shipping your vehicle is the safest option out there. One of the many benefits of shipping your vehicle is that it eliminates your car from getting damaged and saves you the expense of an uncomfortable road trip.

Listed below are 5 aspects you must consider.

  1. Is the company registered against the Department of Transport (DOT)?
  2. Does the company offer a free-of-cost/no-obligation car shipping quote?
  3. Is the company insured?
  4. Is the company giving you a shipping plan?
  5. Is the company experienced/ do people use it frequently?

Is The Company Registered Against the Department Of Transport (DOT)?

When you go for a car shipping service, you must request the shipping company to give their DOT number. This is to ascertain you are going for a registered company. The car shipping companies registered under DOT need to follow strict rules. The Department of Transport makes sure these companies work under specific guidelines. 

Therefore, if the company isn’t registered and your car gets damaged for some reason during the shipping process, it will be difficult for you to track it and get reimbursement for the damage cost. Moreover, the authenticity of the reimbursement details and license the company provides you are crucial. Hence the safest option is to go for a registered car transport service as it is easier to get follow-ups.

Does The Company Offer a Free Cost/Obligation Car Shipping Quote?

You have to be careful of the car shipping companies that charge deposits before the start of the shipping process. A well knows company will never charge you an extra amount, such as refundable fees, and will give you the service free of any obligation.

Is The Company Insured?

Some companies offer a very affordable shipping quote but do not allow them to deceive you. These companies have a good quote because that covers the shipping cost only and not the possible damages your vehicle might encounter along the way. You will find several car transport services that don’t allocate insurance. However, a shipper is transporting your car, and insurance becomes mandatory on the shipper’s end.

Is The Company Giving You the Shipping Plan?  

The car shipping company you need to stay away from is the one that will not chat about the shipping plan. The right transport service will prepare a plan for you and have a detailed discussion about your quote. It will tell you the safest routes for the car, tracking the vehicle through GPS systems and also other details like

  • when and from where will your car be picked up
  • how long will it take for your car to reach the new location 
  • what other services will cost you extra charges 
  • what is the insurance plan if the vehicle sees an unforeseen event? 

Is The Company experienced/ Do people use it frequently?

Do not be shy of asking about the company’s experience in the transportation industry. The vehicle shipping companies should be well-equipped and experienced. Therefore, you need to prefer a company that beats other companies in terms of service and safety. You can ask the following questions before finalizing the transport: 

  • How long has the company been in the transport industry?
  • How many vehicles does the company ship per year?
  • Who are the best and most skilled drivers in the company?
  • What hurdles do the drivers see during the process
  • Has the company experienced any event that damaged the vehicle? If yes, how was the loss compensated according to the insurance policy?

Nowadays, it is extremely easy to find out which car transport company is the best running company and which company has the most positive reviews. Remember that a good car shipping company will be more than happy to give you the extra references and contacts of people who have tried their services. 


Thus, remember to look for these five points before finalizing the car transport company for your vehicle. Researching beforehand will save you money, time, and energy. Hopefully, you will not regret your decision.

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