Yoshinoya Restaurants Franchise Cost & Opportunities 2023

Known for its savory beef bowls, Yoshinoya is a popular fast casual franchise that has seen rapid U.S. growth. With over 2000 locations worldwide, Yoshinoya offers a proven business model for aspiring restaurateurs. We will break down the Yoshinoya franchise costs, space needs, training program, and other key considerations for those exploring this franchising opportunity.

Overview of Yoshinoya Restaurants

History and menu specialties

Founded in Japan in 1899, Yoshinoya opened its first U.S. location in 1979. Its signature dish is beef bowls, featuring thinly sliced beef and onions over rice. The menu also includes chicken bowls, rice bowls, and side dishes.

Current franchise reach

Today Yoshinoya has over 100 U.S. franchise locations concentrated in California, Illinois, and New York. The chain continues pursuing nationwide expansion through franchising.

Yoshinoya Franchise Costs and Fees

Initial franchise fee

Yoshinoya Coupon requires an initial franchise fee of $30,000 per location. For multi-unit agreements, the fee is $20,000 per store.

Ongoing royalty fees

Franchisees pay a 5% royalty fee on net sales. There are additional ad fund contributions of 2-3% of net sales.

Marketing and other costs

Franchisees contribute 1% of net sales to a regional ad fund. They are also responsible for grand opening marketing. Total startup costs range $200,000-$400,000.

Space and Equipment Requirements

Typical restaurant size and layout

Yoshinoya restaurants are typically 1500-2500 square feet. They require efficient kitchen layouts and comfortable dining areas. Drive-thru capability is encouraged where feasible.

Necessary equipment and supplies

Yoshinoya provides specifications for all required equipment for preparing its recipes, including grills, fryers, soup/rice cookers, refrigeration, and more. They supply smallwares with exact product specs.

Training and Support Provided

Initial training program

The initial training program at Yoshinoya’s California headquarters lasts 6-8 weeks. Franchisees receive hands-on instruction in all aspects of operations.

Ongoing support systems

Yoshinoya provides an operations manual covering all brand standards and policies. Ongoing support is provided through meetings, online resources, field visits, and a wholesale distribution network.


For restaurateurs attracted to a proven concept, Yoshinoya offers strong brand recognition and operational systems. The total franchise investment ranges $200k-$400k, with a $30k initial fee and 5% royalties. Marketing, equipment, and opening expenses add to costs but set the business up for success. With hearty consumer demand for its craveable bowls, Yoshinoya presents a franchise opportunity poised for growth.


What are Yoshinoya’s signature menu items?

Yoshinoya is best known for its savory beef bowls, featuring thin-sliced beef and onions over rice. It also offers chicken bowls, regular rice bowls, and side dishes.

What is the initial franchise fee for Yoshinoya?

Yoshinoya requires an initial franchise fee of $30,000 for the first unit. Multi-unit agreements receive a discounted fee of $20,000 per location.

What ongoing fees do Yoshinoya franchisees pay?

There is a 5% royalty fee on net sales. Franchisees also contribute 2-3% to ad funds and 1% to regional marketing.

What kind of space is needed for a Yoshinoya restaurant?

A 1500-2500 square foot space is typical. Efficient kitchen layouts and comfortable dining areas are needed, with drive-thru encouraged.

What training is provided to new Yoshinoya franchisees?

A 6-8 week hands-on training program at headquarters covers all aspects of operations. Ongoing support is also provided in many forms.