Xeluxe Fire Safety Consultants

Xeluxe stands out as a premier fire safety consultancy in the Middle East, offering cost-effective fire safety solutions to our valued clients. Our team of seasoned experts at Xeluxe specializes in delivering a wide range of fire and life safety services. This includes fire protection system design, securing facade DCD approvals, conducting thorough fire inspections, comprehensive fire audits, meticulous fire risk assessments, quantitative risk assessments, cutting-edge CFD fire modeling, consequence modeling, and top-tier process safety services. To delve deeper into our services, please visit our website at https://www.xeluxefiresafety.com.

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Xeluxe Fire Safety

Xeluxe Fire Safety

We provide fire and life safety services, fire protection system design, facade DCD approvals, fire inspection, fire audit, fire risk assessment, quantitative risk assessment, CFD fire modeling, consequence modeling & Process safety services.

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