Why You Should Only Go For Licensed Calgary Land Survey Services

For a normal home owner, land surveying might not be something that they might be thinking about each day.

Land surveyors, on the other hand, are experienced professionals who work in the industry and are aware of the latest happenings in the industry. However, to get the best results it is always beneficial for a business owner or a property owner to go for a licensed land survey service in Calgary.

This is because a licensed land surveyor has gone through the necessary training to provide the services that they provide.

Here’s why it is always better to go for a licensed land surveyor.

Why Go For a Licensed Calgary Land Survey Service?
Land survey jobs are not an easy thing to do. What might seem like an hour’s or few’s jobs requires years of dedication and formal education to be completed.

Therefore, when it’s time to get the land surveyed, it is always important to go with a licensed land surveyor. A licensed land surveyor doesn’t just bring in the necessary knowledge with themselves, but also a guarantee.

A small mistake in the land survey results can lead to major issues and can cost the clients a lot much than they’d think. Moreover, if there are any discrepancies in the construction of a building due to the land survey data, it can be detrimental and even fatal in the worst-case scenario.

Here’s why a licensed land surveyor in Calgary is important.

1. Relevant Skills: Yes, every land surveyor is skilled. However, a license is required for them to really be an expert in what they do. It acts as a trust card that the surveyor is well adept with what they need to do and how exactly.

2. On-the-job Experience: Land surveying is a good mix of theoretical and practical knowledge. Since most of the work in surveying is done on the ground, there are some things that even books can’t teach. That is why a licensed surveyor, who has gone through a two-year article training and experienced it first-hand is always beneficial.

3. Staying up to date: Laws around real estate and surveying keep on changing from time to time. A surveyor who has been licensed is supposed to be aware of all these changes that take place from time to time.

How Are Land Surveyors Licensed?
In order to become a Canadian land surveyor, there are a lot of steps involved.

A Canadian land survey professional needs to follow the below-mentioned criteria to practice and provide land survey services in Calgary.

1. The minimum requirement is to hold a college diploma or a university degree in Geomatics Engineering from a Canadian college or university.

2. The CEBPS certificate is required to showcase that the candidate meets the minimum educational requirements.

3. After going through the degree, the to-be surveyors are supposed to article under a Calgary land surveyor for a minimum of two years.

4. In this phase, several project reports are made, and professional and oral Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association exams (ALSA) are taken.

5. Following this, they need to take an oath in front of a judge of the Court of Appeal or Court of Queen’s Bench

Conclusion: A Professional Land Survey Service in Calgary
A licensed land survey service in Calgary is always the best bet for any home or business owner to conduct surveying services on their property.

When licensed land surveyor is working on a piece of land, they also deliver peace of mind, as they are experts and have gone through the trouble of acquiring an official license to practice their skills.

One of the best Calgary land survey services is Core Geomatics. The team at Core Geomatics has been working in this field for more than a decade now and has been able to prove their efficiency with the help of their work. Their knack for providing accurate results and proper information to their clients helps set them apart.

They are affiliated with a long list of professional associations and bodies such as the Association of Canada Land Surveyors, Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association, and Edmonton Construction Association to name some.

This adds to the credibility of the entire organization and helps them provide the best services.

Get in touch with Core Geomatics today.

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