Why Choose Granite Paving?

Granite is the material of choice for paving projects due to its durability, low upkeep and aesthetic appeal. This natural stone comes in an array of colors such as black, white, gray, green, red and tan.

It is also resistant to chipping, scratching and staining. With such a long lifespan, it makes an ideal choice for pavement areas exposed to harsh weather conditions or heavy foot traffic.


Granite paving is one of the most reliable and long-lasting paving materials for driveways, patios and walkways. It can withstand heavy foot traffic without signs of wear and tear and can be installed in a variety of designs from contemporary to traditional.

Natural properties make this wood highly resistant to weathering, heat and fading. Furthermore, its resistance to stains means you can clean it easily with water or a pressure washer.

Granite paving may be more expensive than other paving options, but its long-lasting nature and stunning aesthetic make it a worthwhile investment. Not only will your driveway last for years with minimal upkeep required, but generations to come can enjoy its beauty as well. Check out for paving repairs adelaide.

Stone is an extremely durable material that resists fading and oxidisation, meaning its color and aesthetic will last for decades. Additionally, its resistance to extreme temperatures make it the ideal paving choice for patios, driveways and other outdoor areas.

If you are looking to add granite paving to your property, it is essential that you select the appropriate slabs for your application. Fortunately, there are various types of granite available to meet both your needs and budget.

Granite paving is available in an array of colors, such as gray, pink, white and tans. Its natural beauty allows it to seamlessly integrate into any environment or design scheme.

Prior to installing your granite paving, be sure to create an adhesive “bond bridge” between each slab by applying a slurry primer onto the back of each paver. This will guarantee your new pavement’s stability for its lifespan as well as prevent moisture absorption into the granite.

For optimal slip resistance, lay the flamed/textured side of your pavers up. Not only will this provide better underfoot feel but it will also showcase more of the stone’s characteristics and sparkles.

When installing patio or walkway paving, the sub-base plays a vital role. Make sure your concrete base is at least 1-1/2 inches thick to guarantee that your granite pavers can withstand all the weight of foot traffic on your patio or walkway.

Low Maintenance

Granite paving is one of the most durable and attractive paving choices available on the market. It’s commonly used to construct driveways and patios, but can also be utilized in creating other outdoor spaces.

Granite pavers are known for their low maintenance requirements, and with just a few simple steps you can guarantee their aesthetic beauty for years to come. To clean them off, use a hose once or twice a week; alternatively, you may apply sealer when needed.

Furthermore, the stone’s slip-resistance makes it safe for children and pets to play on. Furthermore, its heat resistance means you won’t have to worry about burning yourself if you place a barbecue on top of it.

Granite paving offers a vast array of colors, and many designers prefer to mix-and-match different finishes within one space for an aesthetically pleasing result. Split-edge edgings add rustic Old World charm while honed and thermaled clean-cut edges give off a modern, sophisticated vibe.

Another advantage of granite paving is that it can be matched with other landscape elements to create a unified aesthetic and keep the project on track. This is an effective way to achieve a unified look and keep things organized throughout the process.

For instance, if you’re using granite paving on your pool deck, opt for a color that contrasts with the water. Not only will this make the area appear more eye-catching, but it could also increase the value of your property.

When laying a patio, it is essential to take into account how often rainfall falls in your area. Decomposed granite will erode and become mushy in areas prone to heavy downpours; thus, opt for an impervious paving material such as stabilized decomposed granite which resists erosion.

Stabilized decomposed granite is more expensive than loose DG, but it will last longer and need less upkeep. Plus, it’s less prone to erosion than loose DG so it makes for a great choice for high traffic areas such as driveways.


Granite paving is an aesthetically pleasing material that can be used to transform any driveway or patio into a stunning focal point. It comes in various colors to match any design scheme and has the durability to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Granite pavers are not only eco-friendly, but they will not degrade over time due to atmospheric exposure. Furthermore, the stone requires little upkeep – usually just protection and cleaning – making it the ideal choice for outdoor living spaces.

Granite is a naturally occurring stone and available in an array of hues and shades. Choose from browns, reds or greys that will complement your home’s exterior design. For something more upscale, Raven Black or Diamond Black are excellent choices that will add sophistication to your outdoor space.

You’ll have no trouble finding the ideal granite paver to suit your paving project needs, with a range of sizes and thicknesses to choose from. Choose the ideal fit for your space and enjoy an effortless finishing touch!

Granite paving is often chosen for its beautiful aesthetics, which make it a popular choice in landscaping projects. Not only are the stones naturally stunning, but they can be cut to an array of shapes – making it the perfect material for any landscaping endeavor.

There are a few ways you can enhance the aesthetic of your granite paving, such as flamed and bush-hammered finishes. The former creates a hard, slip-resistant surface while the latter gives the stone a smoother texture which will help it stand out from other materials in your yard.

Another way to enhance the visual appeal of your granite pavers is to apply a stain-resistant sealer. This will keep your paving looking good longer and shield it from harmful UV rays and chemicals.

Furthermore, you have a range of textures to choose from to complement your outdoor paving. A polished finish offers an ultra-slick and contemporary aesthetic; or opt for a flamed finish which offers more of a traditional feel.


Granite is a widely sought-after stone paving material due to its durability and hardiness. This makes it the perfect material for walkways, driveways and patios since there’s low upkeep required and easy cleaning – keeping your space looking fantastic for years to come!

Granite paving comes in many varieties, such as chipped, sawn or natural. Each has its advantages and drawbacks; weigh the pros versus the cons before making your decision.

If you’re thinking about installing granite paving slabs in your garden, be sure to shop carefully. While this natural material may be more costly than other kinds of paving, its longevity and aesthetic value will ensure that you make a wise investment over time.

When selecting your paving, the type of finish that you select will significantly impact its cost.

You have several finishes for your paving, such as flamed and leathered. These are the most popular choices and can create a sleek, contemporary aesthetic in your home or business.

Beyond these two finishes, there are also natural paving options like granite flags. These paving slabs mimic real granite and can be used in wet areas.

When selecting a stone for your paving, make sure it can withstand high traffic. That means making sure it can withstand both heavy weight and the impact of children or pets without fail.

Granite is an ideal material for patios and pathways due to its slip-resistant surface, which helps keep people safe when walking or running.

When installing granite paving, it is essential to guarantee the edges are even. To do this, place polyvinyl or lumbar along the edge of each slab so they are securely held together when being stacked up. Doing this will prevent movement or scatter when stacking them up.

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