Wholesale Pricing For WooCommerce Plugin 2024 To Improve Your Online Store

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Your B2B wholesale business with WooCommerce Wholesale Prices. This plugin allows you to create flexible pricing structures for your wholesale customers. You can offer discounts based on their user role and the amount they order. It also lets you set minimum and maximum order quantities, or you can keep things simple and use standard pricing. Overall, this plugin is a great way to meet the different needs of your wholesale customers.

Features of Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce:

  1. Role-Based Pricing: Tailor prices according to user roles, catering to retailers, wholesalers, Woocommerce B2B Pricing, and more. Specific pricing adjustments can be applied for each user category.
  2. Tiered Quantity-Based Pricing: Enable dynamic pricing based on varying quantity ranges, offering customers incentives to buy more. Choose from five distinct pricing modes to suit your business strategy.
  3. Bulk Price Management: Implement Woocommerce bulk pricing adjustments for specific products and categories using rule-based management. Flexibility is provided to set different prices for various user roles and customers through customizable rules.
  4. Price and Cart Button Control: Strategically hide prices and add-to-cart buttons based on user roles, ensuring personalized browsing experiences. This feature is particularly useful for concealing prices until users log in.
  5. Discount Application: Seamlessly apply discounts to both standard and special priced products, avoiding conflicts and ensuring accurate pricing adjustments.
  6. Order Quantity Enforcement: Enforce minimum and maximum order quantities to streamline purchasing processes and prevent undesirable cart configurations. Customize error messages to communicate quantity restrictions effectively.

Implementation of Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce:

Implementing Wholesale WooCommerce Tiered Pricing involves installing the plugin, configuring role-based pricing and Woocommerce quantity-based pricing settings, defining rules for bulk price adjustments, controlling price visibility, and managing order quantity enforcement. The plugin seamlessly integrates with your existing WooCommerce setup, offering a comprehensive wholesale pricing solution.

Customization of Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce:

Customization options include setting unique pricing for different user roles, defining pricing tiers based on quantity ranges, creating personalized bulk price adjustment rules, controlling price and cart button visibility, and configuring order quantity enforcement parameters. Merchants can tailor the plugin to match their specific business requirements. This Plugin is developed by Addify.


  • The extension is available at .25 per month, billed annually at .
  • This package includes one year of free support and extension updates.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure buyer satisfaction.


Q.1) Can I apply different pricing for wholesalers and retailers simultaneously?

Ans) Yes, WooCommerce Wholesale Tiered Pricing allows you to set distinct prices for multiple user roles concurrently.

Q.2) Does the plugin support variable products with different pricing for each variation?

Ans) Yes, the plugin seamlessly supports variable products, enabling price adjustments for each product variation.

Q.3) Can I hide prices for specific products or categories?

Ans) Absolutely, you can hide prices and add-to-cart buttons for selected products or categories based on user roles.


WooCommerce Wholesale Tiered Pricing offers a comprehensive solution for B2B wholesale businesses, allowing merchants to implement flexible pricing structures, apply discounts effectively, and streamline order management processes. With robust features like role-based pricing, tiered quantity-based pricing, and bulk price management, this plugin empowers merchants to optimize their wholesale operations, providing a seamless and personalized purchasing experience for customers while maximizing revenue potential.

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