What’s the right age to start preschool?

Most of the time parents are confused regarding the right age at which they should enroll in a preschool program. This is a tough decision to make as preschool has a great impact on the learning curvature of your young ones. Although this decision is difficult to make still through this article we will try our best to bring clarity to this topic.

Many parents might start pre-schooling at the age of 2, and some of them might start it by the age of 4. This age gap of just 1-2 years can be greatly detrimental to your children’s future. The majority of the children can also start preschool as soon as they turn the age of 1.5 – 2 years.

In this article, we will introduce several factors to you that can help you to make the correct decision. We have formulated this article with the help of experts from the best preschool in Chennai. They have taken several factors into account that can cater to the need of children. The decision to enroll children in playschool is determined by taking into account several factors. Some of them are the mother’s need to return to work and the most important one is to make them work in our way.

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Choosing the right time

Usually, schools make use of a particular criterion that can assure the readiness of children to take admission or not. To make the final decision school will take the following skills into account to get a child ready for pre-kindergarten class:

Children should be trained to use the toilet and be able to communicate with an adult. This can be done at the time of using the toilet.
Ability to dress except for the buttoning of shirts and tying shoelaces.
Ability to sit ideally for short periods and focus on a single topic
Readiness to spend time away from parents and caregivers.
Capable of communicating needs and also listening to the needs of others.
Children must learn how to feed from bottles months prior to starting professionally.

Benchmarks for a good preschool

Parents need to take care of certain aspects before choosing the best preschool that can assure the safety of students:


This is necessary for you to check whether children are emotionally, physically, and sexually safe or not. Physical safety usually covers the cleanliness and hygiene of learning spaces, play areas, and toilets. Some school tends to invest poorly in plastic toys and other materials that could be toxic for kids.

Emotional Safety

This involves interactions between teachers and children. Teachers have to deal with challenging behavior, delays, and separation anxiety in learning. Usually, the high-quality preschool program is non-stressful and does not impose academic learning on their child. This gives room for children to grow and to make mistakes. If teachers use bribes, threats, and punishment this will create a toxic and unsafe environment for children.

Ensuring sexual safety and inspecting the dark spaces in the school can also be used for abusers. The management should be asked to ensure that the quality of management is maintained for all employees.

If you find any of the above-mentioned red flags in your operations, we strongly advise you to strike the school off your shortlist.


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Apart from the academic infrastructure, parents need to keep a check on whether there is sufficient space for light. Also, it should be noticed whether clean air is entering the room or not. Outdoor areas to play must consist of well-maintained sandpits and other activities that can stimulate exploration. If your preschool operates in an indoor space with a limited amount of lightning and air conditioning, this school is not the appropriate choice. A good preschool will consist of ample amount of opportunities to play in outdoor and indoor regions.

Assessment / Discipline

The curriculum of preschool needs to be age-appropriate and there should be no stress on the learning of children. Assessments of the learning outcomes are recorded through the gradual improvement of a child in attaining mastery over a subject. Along with the assessments, schools need to take the balance policy on discipline into notice. Teachers who use any type of punishment such as bribes, or threats should be subjugated to corporal punishment.


With this article, our primary focus was to present you with several aspects that can guide you in the process of choosing the best childcare. Through the above-mentioned factors, our goal was to bring light to the factors that you might not have taken into account.

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