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Unlimited 4g rural internet

The biggest rural Internet provider in the US, Imperial Wireless, has said that it would transit to a fixed Wireless Network in 2023. The business is launching the 4G/5G Modems as part of this upgrade, which offers the best unlimited 4g rural internet service currently offered in the US.

An important milestone for the business as it grows and extends its reach across the United States is moving to a fixed wireless network. This business is the first in the US to provide fixed wireless Internet and 4g rural Internet on a 4G/5G network. Because of this, it stands out as an industry pioneer and innovator with no real rivals at the moment.

A fixed wireless network functions more like cable or fiber service, or WISP, in contrast to standard mobile wireless networks, which resemble cell phones or hotspots and are utilized by all of Imperial’s rivals. In contrast to operating on a network or intranet, devices linked to a modem on a fixed wireless network are thereby immediately connected to the broadband.

This direct connection has many advantages. Devices connected to a fixed wireless network can hold conferences, run servers, and participate in real-time activities like gaming, VOIP, video calls, and video conferencing without encountering lag or other problems because they have a public IP address.

When used with an Imperial subscription, the modems offer a quick, limitless, and dependable connection that is perfect for individuals, families, and companies. Imperial Wireless has a package that will suit your needs and enable you to stay connected to the outside world, whether you reside in a rural area or are traveling by road.

These networks are also made to be simple to install and operate, with user-friendly interfaces and detailed instructions. Clients have a selection of plans to choose from depending on their requirements, whether they need a simple connection for occasional use or a more potent one for demanding applications.

Imperial Wireless is dedicated to serving its customers and assisting them in maximizing their connections in addition to offering limitless high-speed broadband in remote regions. The business provides a variety of tools and supports alternatives, such as technical help and troubleshooting manuals.

Launch of New Imperial Data Plans

In response to consumer needs identified by current subscribers, Imperial Wireless is offering three new wireless rural services.

Residential: A one-time Air Indoor Modem purchase is $299 and provides high-speed, low-latency broadband to remote and rural areas across the US for $109 per month.

Business: Indoor Modem, which costs $499 upfront, provides high-speed, low-latency broadband to remote and rural companies across the US for $199 per month.

Travel: Imperial Wireless offers high-speed, low-latency broadband access for $129 per month with a $299 one-time fee in any area with active service.

The superior high-power directional antennas of Indoor Modems provide the low-latency service provided by Imperial Wireless, which is a feature of all of these plans. With compatibility for C-Band 5G sub-6GHz and 4G LTE fallback, these antennas increase the range of cellular networks and offer the ideal mix of network coverage and performance.

What benefits and drawbacks does fixed wireless internet offer?

Fixed wireless internet benefits

What’s accessible in our rural areas: Fixed wireless broadband is a great substitute for cable or fiber-optic Broadband in remote places, and it is frequently just as affordable.

No phone line is required. A cost-effective broadband alternative that doesn’t require phone lines or other direct physical connections is fixed broadband that is wireless. (This prohibits purchasing a landline number that is never used.)

Little latency Fixed Wireless communications cover less ground and have lower delay rates than satellite or fiber connections.

No Issues with Common Weather: A Fixed Wireless signal is not hindered by common rain or snowstorms.

Unlimited Data: The majority of broadband providers impose a data cap of some kind. We don’t have any data caps. You have unrestricted access to data!

A disadvantage of fixed broadband connectivity

Fragility in line of sight: Fixed wireless web access needs an outside antenna near one of our towers. (Even yet, while cutting through trees is now possible with modern technology, dense forest is not.)

Extreme Weather interference: Because some of our towers are located at high altitudes, we are unable to fully restore the signal until the ice on the towers melts in the winter. The signal may get weaker if there is a lot of smoke in the air due to wildfires.

Cost of equipment and services: Fixed Wireless service may have greater monthly and startup prices than other broadband packages and types of subsidized services, such as cable or DSL from phone providers. To help you manage your budget, our price is based on the amount of bandwidth you require.

Due to the low density of our rural landscape, installing the traditional wired form of broadband connectivity is quite expensive, making fixed wireless service a great choice for rural locations. Additionally, our fantastic local geography helps with fixed wireless delivery. The fixed wireless signal can connect residences for up to 15 miles when a tower can be built on a nearby peak or hilltop.

Our network of hilltop towers instantly connects our customers to the web; the signal is picked up by a radio antenna we install on your house or other structure. This establishes a reliable network for sending data such as webpages, Netflix on-demand movies, or even visiting social networking sites like Facebook!

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