Top Attractions To See And Activities To Do In Baku

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The Flame Towers can be reached via a funicular

From the coastline, take the 50 qapiks Baku Funicular up to the three impressively modern towers known collectively as the Flame Towers. As the sun begins to drop, head to the courtyard below the Flame Towers, where you’ll find the Carpet Museum. 

Consume like a king

The Azerbaijani currency has lost half its value against the British pound since 2015. This has made Baku an extremely wallet-friendly city, to the point where even the most frugal tourists may eat like kings and queens. In addition to being a restaurant, irvanşah’s stone-vaulted dining area is also a museum. 

Relax with a stroll along the shore

Baku sits on a peninsula that protrudes into the Caspian Sea and is encircled by a natural harbor. The city was planned so that its residents could enjoy the water and the wind it provided, and prime real estate along the lake was designated for that purpose. Attractions such as the “Baku Eye” Ferris wheel, the Park Bulvar shopping complex, and the soon-to-be-completed structure at the Caspian Waterfront with its spikes that resemble petals and were inspired by the “sails” of the Sydney Opera House can be found along the route.

Enjoy a kebab’s true flavor for once

When the weather is beautiful, hundreds of Baku residents congregate at the city’s pedestrian zone to enjoy an evening stroll among the city’s many embassies, corporate headquarters, and exquisite residences in architectural styles ranging from Moorish Revival to Baroque. Stores keep their doors open late to attract window shoppers who might otherwise not stop in. In contrast, many people visit Nizami Street in the late hours of the night to snack.

Moderation in tea consumption is not advised

Bypass the tourists and the hawkers of trinkets in the old town and down the stone steps to the shisha lounge and teahouse hidden behind the Shah Palace Hotel. Low seats, Azerbaijani wool rugs, tasseled silk curtains, and carved wood screens from a vintage Baku teahouse furnish the semi-private alcoves. A game of backgammon or a quiet read would go great in one of these nooks. Despite the lack of a menu, you can’t go wrong with the “national tea set,” which features the house chai served in cut crystal pears. 

Get a carpet

Since Baku was formerly a major center for rug production, you may rest assured that you can purchase a rug in the city. If you want to avoid the pushy vendors in Old Town, visit the Carpet Museum’s shop instead. The knowledgeable staff there can tell you all about the rug’s background, design, and significance. The museum’s collection of woolen and silk carpets with cotton is exclusive to those that were hand-woven in Azerbaijan using traditional techniques and designs. You can save money by haggling with vendors in the old town and winding up with a carpet that was actually made in Pakistan but is being sold as being from Azerbaijan. But before you can bring your keepsake back home with you, you’ll still need to wait one or two days for the export certificate to arrive in the mail. It is possible that the museum will issue the certificate on the same day you visit.

How to reach Baku?

By air

Baku’s main airport is the Heydar Aliyev International Airport (GYD). Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL), Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, and Qatar Airways, among others, all serve flights to baku. Which is situated 20 kilometers from the heart of Baku.

By train

Superior train service is available to visitors in Baku. Baku is regularly connected to several nations and cities via rail lines. These include Russia, Ukraine, and Moscow. If you need a simple way to get to Baku, try this.

By road

Many roads go to Baku. Several international bus lines leave Baku and head to various destinations across the world. Taxis, bicycles, and minibusses are other transportation options.


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