The Hoodie and The Revenge Official Clothing

The beginning of the production of hoodies was first produced in America in the 1930s. At that time, the Champion fashion brand produced jackets without hoods. Along with the times and various fashion trends, a fashion idea emerged by adding a hood to a sweater.

Revenge Hoodies and sweatshirts are two types of comfortable, casual clothing items that are popular all over the world. While they may seem similar at first glance, there are some key differences between hoodies and sweatshirts that are worth exploring. The Hoodie and The Revenge Official Clothing

Revenge Official Clothing Brand

Revenge Official Clothing is a streetwear brand founded in 2014 by Garrett “Garette” Lambert in Los Angeles, California. The brand has gained a cult following among young people who are drawn to its dark, edgy aesthetic and rebellious attitude. Revenge Official’s flagship product is their signature jeans, which have become a symbol of the brand’s ethos and the embodiment of their unique style. In this article, we will delve into the history of Revenge Official Clothing and explore the significance of their iconic jeans.

The Story Of Revenge Official Hoodie & Revenge Official sweatshirts

Rapper XXXTentacion was quite a controversial person. At age 20, he had millions of fans, songs on top of international charts and a list of criminal charges for violence. Things that he has created in terms of music and style have become iconic in hip-hop culture. A hoodie & sweatshirts from his collaboration with Revenge Official Clothing brand is one of them. This piece of clothing is now desired by many, extremely scarse and extensively faked. Let’s see what this craze is all about.

The Revenge Hoodie and the XXXTentacion

Later in 2016, or in early 2017, Garrette met rapper XXXTentacion. It’s unclear who initiated the meeting, but most probably they were acquainted through Instagram DMs. Anyway, Garette was the real beneficiary. After X showed his support to the brand, the popularity of Revenge skyrocketed.
At that time, XXXTentacion (friends called him by his real name, Jahseh) was gaining popularity on Soundcloud. His violent track Look At Me! was a huge online success. X was part of a new wave of artists, whose music incarnated a disconnect with social norms.

The collaboration between XXXTentacion and Revenge brand brought us things like the Kill hoodie & Sweatshirts. They also made popular their own style of hoodies & Sweatshirts with a cropped bottom and no drawstring. Not only did X wear Revenge clothes, but his fellows from Members Only hip-hop crew and other Soundcloud rappers also appeared in them in public. This helped the brand get their feet off the ground and start to make a name for themselves.

The Origins of Revenge Official

Garrett Lambert started Revenge Official in his parents’ basement in 2014 with a small collection of t-shirts and hoodies. The brand’s aesthetic was heavily influenced by punk and grunge culture, as well as Lambert’s personal interests in skateboarding, music, and art. Revenge Official’s early designs were characterized by bold graphics and provocative slogans that challenged traditional norms and sparked controversy.

The Legacy of Revenge Official

Revenge Official’s impact on streetwear culture cannot be overstated. Their unique style and provocative designs have influenced a new generation of fashion enthusiasts and creatives, and their signature jeans have become a coveted item among collectors and fans.

However, Revenge Official’s legacy extends beyond just fashion and style. The brand’s rebellious spirit and willingness to push boundaries have inspired young people to question authority and challenge the status quo. While some may find their designs offensive or inappropriate, others see them as a reflection of the frustrations and anxieties of a generation that is grappling with a rapidly changing world.

Exclusivity and Pricing

As a luxury brand, Revenge Official maintains exclusivity by producing limited quantities of its products and carefully controlling distribution. This scarcity contributes to the brand’s allure and positions its products as highly coveted. However, this exclusivity also reflects in the pricing, with Revenge Official products often carrying a premium price tag. The higher price points are justified by the brand’s commitment to exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and the exclusivity associated with owning a piece from Revenge Official.

Revenge Sweatshirts

Revenge Sweatshirts are often seen as more casual than hoodies and are typically worn for activities like lounging around the house, running errands, or going to the gym. They are also a popular choice for layering, as they can be worn over t-shirts or under jackets for extra warmth.

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