The Best Rolling Backpack for Travel

Have you ever been in a distant country, pulling your luggage behind only to see the sidewalk come to an end? Perhaps you’ve been in the airport of a foreign country hoping you could put your bag down? You’re running late to catch a bus or flight?

I’m betting you’ve had the experience! This is a problem that all travelers face at some point or other. But until now, there’s been no solution that was clear, until this moment! Wheeled backpacks and rolling backpack are coming to the aid of travelers all over the world. These backpacks with wheels offer a versatile solution to your baggage problems!


Travel backpacks can be incredible. They give you the mobility that roller luggage travelers will not know. What do you do when your back is hurting after a long work day and you’re still 5km to walk to get to your hotel to sleep? In this situation, you’d like you could pull an oversized roller duffel instead of walking around with 20kg in your backpack.

We are conditioned as travelers to be taught that ripped and battered backpacks of the world shout “I’m Adventurous” to all who will be able to hear. Actually, I’d say that backpacks are just another method of carrying your gear when you travel. It’s not a method of travel like many think. I’m not against backpacks, you see as a photographer, I carry a camera bag all the time. But I am not a fan of the thought of being that dork carrying a backpack on my back, and a camera bag strapped to my chest as I travel around airports all over the world.

It’s an established fact that the use of heavy backpacks heavy backpack causes health issues. What if you could get the most beneficial of both? The ability to move around in backpacks when things became rough and the ergonomics and convenience of a rolling backpack. A backpack that has wheels if you want! Would you trade in your trusted and reliable backpack for travel? I would! Actually, I did. Since then, I’ve not looked back!


The only rolling backpack I’d seen were printed with children’s cartoon characters and targeted at students in grade school. In the meantime, a couple of months ago, I ran into a baggage rep on the tarmac of Vancouver International Airport sporting a wheeled backpack for travel. We had a chat about how luggage was modernized, and I’d missed out on the boat. Wheeled backpacks are the new trend and will be around for a while!

If you’re still unable to wrap your mind around the concept of backpacks that have wheels imagine a sophisticated duffel bag and your favorite backpack coming together following an alcohol-fueled full-moon celebration in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. It’s a result you can be proud of, and no need for a walk of shame here. You can roll when you won’t take it wherever you want, and carry it where you don’t. It’s the best of both worlds A backpacks that have wheels. It’s really clever!