Suffering From Eczema? Know How Air Purifiers Can Be Helpful

Whether you know this issue as atopic dermatitis or eczema, it is probably one of the most irritating skin issues that most of us have to experience. In this skin problem, the skin gets scaly, itchy, red, cracked, and even swollen. Though there are several reasons that can trigger the issue, one of them is, no doubt, the poor indoor air quality of your house.

So, just by managing your indoor air quality and removing harmful dirt, dust, and other pollutants from your house, you can enjoy a great amount of relief from eczema. So, you must ask professionals to perform an air duct cleaning in your house at regular intervals. Now, let us discuss how an air purifier can be helpful to you if someone in your family is suffering from eczema.

Does An Air Purifier Help With Skin Issues?

Germs and pollens in the air trigger skin issues and rashes like Hives, Eczema, and Angioedema. Also, dust allergies often result in skin rashes and inflammation. In these situations, using an air purifier will benefit you a lot by offering you dust-free, clean air.

Is It Good To Use Air Purifiers Every Day?

As air pollution is a continuous issue, it is best to leave the air purifier on all day. Usually, there are no proven drawbacks to keeping your air purifier running all the time. Also, if you change the air filter on time, it will help you by reducing pollutants in your house.

What Is Eczema And What Causes It?

Eczema is a chronic skin issue that includes rash, dry, cracked skin, and itchiness. People with this skin issue usually experience flare-ups, that can last for some days or even weeks. 

In most cases, the skin acts as a protective layer that prevents allergens and bacteria from entering our body. In the case of people with eczema, this barrier function becomes weak due to several factors. The weakened skin can’t retain moisture and protect the body. 

How Can Air Purifiers Help With Eczema?

If you are suffering from eczema and wish to get an air purifier, you must know what types of air purifiers are there and which one among them will be able to help you the most. 

  • Air Purifiers With Activated Carbon Filters

These types of filters are treated with oxygen, which can make them very porous. The increased surface area can create more chemical attraction and can easily catch airborne particles, like cigarette smoke, VOCs, perfume, and other chemicals that you cannot trap physically.

  • Air Purifiers With HEPA Filters

This is a finely woven mechanical filter that can capture 99.97% of even the most penetrating airborne particles. A HEPA filter can effectively remove pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, and many other harmful particles that can be harmful to your health. However, if you have this kind of filter, you must perform air duct cleaning in Las Vegas at regular intervals.

  • UV Air Purifiers

This kind of air purifier uses high-intensity UVV and UVC wavelengths to eliminate airborne contaminants. UVC can deactivate bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, while UVV can reduce odors and chemicals through oxidation. These air purifiers are highly effective because they can destroy pollutants instead of just trapping them.

Thus, there are various types of efficient air purifiers that can offer you relief from eczema to a great extent. You just need to ask a professional to conduct a regular

air duct cleaning in Henderson NV to maintain the efficiency of your air purifiers.