Student Accommodation Carlisle: Some Popular Properties

Carlisle is a cathedral city in England. Like many other cities in England, Carlisle is also attracting international students who come to the city in search of student accommodation Carlisle.

The University of Cumbria is a famous university here for domestic and international students. This university has four campuses in Carlisle. The four locations where there are campuses of this university are Fuse-hill Street, Brampton Road, Paternoster Row, and Newcastle Street. Moreover, there is also a famous further education college in this city, i.e., Carlisle College.

There are some comfortable accommodations available for international students in Carlisle. The accommodations are found in two types of properties: university halls and private student housing complexes.

In this article, you will know about some popular student accommodation properties available in Carlisle.

Brampton Road Halls (University Hall) at Student Accommodation Carlisle

“Brampton Road Halls” is the name of a university hall in Carlisle. This university hall comprises two types of rooms: en suite rooms and standard single rooms. In an en-suite room in Brampton, you can find an en suite bathroom. But, the kitchen provided to you is communal. On the other hand, a standard single room has a shared bathroom as well as a shared kitchen.

Brampton road Student Accommodation Carlisle

The rooms here have study desks and chairs for focused and comfortable studies. Moreover, there are also wardrobes and other storage spaces here to facilitate students to keep different types of assets.

You also find a bicycle storage space here in the complex of your student accommodation Carlisle. Laundry services are also available in Brampton Road Halls.

Moreover, a Wi-Fi connection is also offered to students to get help in their studies and to accomplish other online tasks. A heating facility is also here so that you could keep your room warm in the winter season.

For the safety of the students, a 24/7 security staff has been deployed. Residents of Brampton Road Halls can also get contents insurance in order to get compensation for the loss of any asset.

Car-rock Hall (University Hall)

Car-rock Hall is another university hall in Carlisle. This accommodation property comprises ensuite rooms. In an en-suite room, you can find a shared kitchen but an ensuite bathroom.

Car-rock Hall Student Accommodation Carlisle

Facilities are almost similar to those mentioned in the previous section. Here also, you find a study desk and chair for your studies. Moreover, wardrobes and other storage spaces can be found here also.

A Wi-Fi internet connection, heating, etc. are the services inclusive of bills that you can find in Carrock Hall also. Bicycle storage space and laundry are available here also.

Furthermore, a common lounge is offered to students where they can meet other residents of the property and boost their social circles.

This property is also secured due to the deployment of a 24/7 security solution. Contents insurance is offered in Car-rock Hall also.

Denton Holmes (University Hall) at student accommodation Carlisle

Denton Holmes is another university hall found in Carlisle. It also offers en-suite rooms to students. Like previously-mentioned properties, you find study desks and chairs, wardrobes, and storage spaces in the room. Residents get internet access here also. Shared kitchens are given to the residents of this university hall. All residents get private bathrooms.

Denton-Holme Student Accommodation Carlisle

A dining area and common lounge are also available for students on this property. Laundry services can be found by students in Denton Holmes also. Bicycle ride lovers can park their bicycles in the bicycle storage space available. Parking space for big vehicles like cars can also be found here.

You can keep your room warm through the heating service here. A 24/7 security staff is taking care of your safety all the time. You find contents insurance here also.

Denton Holmes Student Village (Private Student Housing Complex)

A private student housing complex is also available with the name “Denton Holmes Student Village”. Two types of accommodations are available here for students: studios and en-suite rooms. Here also, students get facilities like study tables and chairs, wardrobes, etc. Moreover, you find the features like a fridge, microwave, cooking hob, etc. in the kitchen.

The services like Wi-Fi internet connection, heating, and contents insurance are offered by the owners of this property also. There is a common area in Denton Holmes Student Village for socialization. Television is also provided to students for entertainment. The other features available here are the laundry room and bicycle storage space.

For the security of students in Denton Holmes Student Village, CCTV cameras are appended on the entire property. A secure door entry facility is also available for students here.

Final Words

You can find these properties in Carlisle listed on the websites of student accommodation Carlisle service platforms. One of the popular service platforms is “University Living”. On the website of University Living, you can not only see the details of these properties but can also compare them on a single website through the comparison feature.

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