Beginner Tips For Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town

Here are some of the best starting tips for Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town that will help you get started and make the most of your new farm life.

In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, if you’ve just started a new life, you’ll have to fix up the old farm your grandfather left you. As you play, you’ll meet new people and maybe even fall in love. You can also help the small town become more famous.

If you’re new to the business or just want some general advice for when you start your new life in Olive Town, here are some tips to help you get started and make the most of each day.

Choose the Right Difficulty for You


Pioneers of Olive Town is one of those nice and relaxed life simulation games. But many players find it frustrating that some parts of the game require a lot of grinding. To make things easier for yourself, make sure you choose the right level of challenge.

Seedling Mode makes things a lot easier because items sell for more, your energy goes down slower, your friendship level goes up faster, it’s easier to get experience points, and the prices of items in shops go down. If you change your mind, you can change the level of effort at any time from the main menu.

Grab Optional Tools Straight Away

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Most tools will be given to you as part of the story, but you might miss a few if you don’t look around Olive Town as much as you can. You can get the Camera at the museum, the Fishing Rod from Manuela when you go to Marcos’s House, and the Leash from Patricia in the Animal Shop after you’ve moved to a log cabin.

The Leash isn’t that important, but the Fishing Rod lets you catch fish to sell, cook, or give to the museum. You can also use the camera to take pictures of wild animals to give to the museum.

Daily Farming In Olive Town

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Make sure you take care of your farm every day by watering your plants, feeding your animals, putting them out to pasture, and petting them. It’s important to take good care of your farm if you want your crops and animals to give you the best goods.

Each day, new things will show up on the farm and along the shores. Explore as much as you can and grab all of these wild things and harvests. When you sell wild crops you find, their seeds will become available to buy in Olive Town.

Don’t forget to look around in the mines and drain small ponds to try to find rare things and maybe even treasure.

Speak to Everyone in Town Every Day

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It’s important to build relationships with characters by raising their Friendship Level, especially if you want to use some of the romance choices and get married. Talking to characters also raises your Communication Level, which lets you get extra benefits like new making recipes or a boost to your Friendship points.

Friendship levels can be hard to raise quickly because you only get a boost the first time you talk to a character each day, even if you can talk to them more than once.

You can also give gifts to improve Friendship, but you can only get points for this once a day.

Upgrade Your Tools and Inventory as Soon as Possible

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You can improve your tools and inventory bag at Clemens’s Tool Store, which is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm every day except Tuesday. If you upgrade your inventory, you won’t have to keep unloading your things and putting them somewhere else.

Upgrading your tools will make them work better and give you access to charged moves that will make their area of effect bigger. This will make gathering a lot easier and faster.

Don’t Neglect to Fix the Farm

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As part of the story, you’ll be asked to fix the chicken coop. However, you should also keep fixing up other parts of your grandfather’s farm, as this will give you access to new land and new ways to live on a farm.

Some things you have to fix yourself with materials, and other things you can ask the Carpenter’s Shop to fix for you with either materials or money. When you move to a new area, you get new animals, food, places to discover, and more.

Craft Makers As Soon As You Are Able To

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Makers are places that take raw materials like rock or logs and turn them into new things like ingots or lumber. Processing these materials takes time, so keep your makers busy all the time to get the most out of your making.

You’ll need these refined materials for things like upgrades, making, town requests, and more, so keep a good stock of crafting materials.

Utilize Sprites on Your Farm

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As you farm, cut down trees, harvest crops, and break rocks, you might see strange little animals show up. These are called Follower Sprites. Once you have 25 of these, you can go to the Earth Sprite Village. You don’t have to pick them up, you can just look at them.

Here, you can put the people you’ve recruited to work on your farm. You can put different people in different parts of your farm, and you can check on them every day to get materials and Sprite Coins that you can spend in the Earth Sprite Village.

Complete Requests

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At the northern end of Olive Town, in Olive Hall, you can find a bulletin board with requests from Olive Town locals as well as special requests from the mayor.

Sometimes the mayor will ask you to help improve Olive Town in Skibidi Toilet. Residents’ requests change every day, and it’s an easy way to make money and get rid of things you don’t need.

Don’t Forget to Accept Title Rewards

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Right next to the bulletin board in Olive Hall is a green mailbox where you can get prizes for meeting certain requirements and getting new titles. Medals, which you can sell, and all kinds of valuable items and crafting materials are among these prizes.

Make sure to collect your prizes often because you can get makers, gifts, and more. The run to the top of town is worth it to get these gifts from requests.

Keep an Eye on the Calendar

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Story of Seasons is just broken up into spring, summer, winter, and fall. In the top right area of the screen, you can always see what day it is, and you can always look at the calendar in the main menu to see how many days are left in your current season.

It’s important to remember this, because crops can only grow in certain seasons, and if the season changes to one they don’t do well in, your crops will wither and die. Some of the shops in Olive Town also change their stock based on the season.

For instance, you can only get plants that are good for summer in the summer.

Stockpile Crafting Resources

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Even though it might be tempting to sell most of the things you find to make money, you should save your lumber, ingots, and cloth, as well as all of the materials you need to make them, because you will need these things for most upgrades and making recipes.

It’s also a good idea to keep your Maker Machines running all the time so you always have lumber and ingots (especially the higher-tier stuff) on hand and don’t have to wait for the materials you need to finish fixes, requests, or upgrades.

Check Your Farm For New Animals Often

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You can find wild animals on your farm and in Olive Town and take pictures of them. Once you have a picture of a new animal, you can give it to the Olive Town Museum so they can make a figure of it for their collection.

New wild animals show up sometimes, based on the farm area and the season. They also show up when certain conditions are met, like when there are a lot of beehives or tree stumps.

When you get too close, these animals will run away, so make sure to carefully search your farm often to find all the animals you need for your show.

Purchase Blessings at the Shrine

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You might notice the shrine in the north of Olive Town pretty quickly, but at first you can’t do much with it. But once you have 100 Earth Sprites, you can start buying different gifts from this shrine. The more Earth Sprites you have, the more gifts you can get.

You can buy new Sprites that are good for farming land, helping out in the Earth Sprite Village, giving you more energy, and more.

Unlock Special Locations

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There are many Special Locations that can be unlocked as you play. Some will open up on their own as you collect Earth Sprites, while others will only be available if you do certain things.

Some of these secret areas have minigames that give benefits like more stamina, while others are great places to farm rare and valuable materials like gold and orichalcum ore.

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