Small Space, Big Style: Interior Design Ideas for Apartments

It’s challenging to unwind or concentrate on duties in a small or congested area. And the good news is that you can make your tiny room look and feel more spacious and welcoming by giving the impression of greater space. A small room or space is useless most of the time. Every square inch matters when you have a small workspace. You can make rooms for the items you need, such as a desk, a dining area, or a place to keep your possessions, by making the most of your space and giving it a more open feel.

A little area that appears crowded or unkept might ruin the appearance of your house as a whole. Even if the rest of your house is exquisitely finished, a small, and messy room can feel out of place in a stylish home. You can improve the overall look and feel of your home by employing interior design ideas to make it feel larger and more welcoming. For a functionally inviting house, making small areas appear larger is crucial. There are many ways to make the most of your space and make it feel light and open, whether you live in a studio apartment or a small villa. Even the tiniest area can be made to feel larger with the design decisions and a little imagination.

Trendy Interior Design Ideas For Small Places To Look Bigger

It might be difficult to live in a small flat, especially when it comes to interior design. But you can make a small area into a chic and useful house with the strategies and methods. Here are some flat interior design ideas provided by the best interior design company in Dubai. It will help make a small area feel spacious and stylish.

1. Maximize Your Storage

Storage is important in a small flat. Look for pieces of furniture with integrated storage, such as beds with drawers or ottomans with secret storage spaces. To make the most of your closet space, use hanging organizers or storage bins beneath the bed. Choose furniture with many uses, such as a coffee table with storage built-in and a bookshelf that also serves as a room divider. You can store your clothes in empty suitcases or roller bins under the bed.

2. Keep It Light And Neat

A small space may appear wider and more open when painted in light colors. Walls and furniture should be painted in a neutral color scheme, and accent pieces and decor should bring colors. As they can make a space appear smaller and claustrophobic, avoid using dark or too bright colors. Another top priority in smaller places is to avoid disarrangement. Make sure that everything has its own spot, instead of de-clutter or cleaning them daily.

3. Create a Zone

It is crucial to designate specific areas for various tasks in small flats. It may seem that a small place required scale-down furniture, a single seat instead of a full-size sofa, a condo-size sectional, and small pieces like a side table and kitchen carts that can easily be moved when the guest arrives to visit. To designate a living room, eating area, or workspace, arrange carpets or furniture in those spaces. This might contribute to the room feeling more efficient and organized.

4. Use Mirrors in the Rooms

Mirrors have the ability to reflect light and provide the impression of additional room. It can create the illusion of an extra square space. To give an impression that the space is bigger and brighter, try to put an oversized mirror on one wall, on an entrance wall across from a window, to create a vision that visitors look into another room. It can also be used to make attention to a particular area to give an aesthetic appeal.

5. Embrace Vertical Spaces

Vertical spaces can make your flat look bigger. To maximize the use of your walls and make them tall, install floor-to-ceiling shelves, and bookshelves to display books, artworks, and hanging storage that can embrace your space. This can make the overall look more valuable and give the area a more roomy and open appearance.

6. Choose The Right Lighting and Color

A small apartment requires good illumination. Dark colors like navy blue, black, or grey can add a feeling of a suffocated environment. Though dark colors are trendy, for smaller rooms, the right light colors are much more impressive to make the room look elegant. White color is suitable for walls to make a room bigger. Use floor lamps, table lamps, and overhead lighting that creates the overall feel of softness.

7. Add Visual Interest

Every room needs a focal point, for a small room it is necessary to create a focal point to add visual interest to your space. It is unnecessary for your flat to be monotonous just because you are keeping things straightforward and light. You should use bold pieces of artwork, beautiful accessories, and elegant patterns to add eye-catching interest to your space.


You can add style and space to even the smallest places by adding trendy interior design ideas. You can transform your small apartment into a lively and practical place by maximizing your space, keeping things light and natural, embracing high vertical things, using mirrors to add elegance, choosing the right colors, and adding visual interest to small spaces. There are many methods to make your flat appearance bigger in style, regardless of your preferences for a cozy vibe.

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