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Today, shopfitting isn’t just about installing shelves and lighting. Retailers are looking for ways to give their shops a more personal and engaging experience, to make people want to visit their store. This can mean new skills and expertise for shopfitters.

NFJ Shopfitting has been involved in numerous projects for clients including Jack Wills, Aubin & Wills, Bubbleology, Elstead Lighting and Harris and Hoole.


Shop fitting Aberdeen is a highly professional service that offers bespoke fit outs of any type of retail store. Our team of experienced shopfitters will take the time to understand your business, goals and vision before designing the perfect space for your shop.

The process begins with a survey and measurements, which will be used to prepare design drawings that will be submitted to the client for approval. Once a design is approved, the shop fitting team will supply and install all equipment and bespoke furniture for the space.

We will also offer a full handover that will ensure any minor snagging issues are dealt with as soon as possible. NFJ Shopfitting is one of the most trusted names in shop fitting, with clients including Jack Wills, Aubin & Wills, Bubbleology and Tesco.


Aberdeen has a strong business background, with a long tradition of success in many sectors. It has an old town feel that is complemented by a modern cosmopolitan vibe, making it a great place to live and work. The city is home to a range of different sectors, from financial services and farming, to engineering and industrial services. It is also home to an extensive tourist and educational environment that attracts visitors from across the world.

A shop fitting Dundee will prepare the design for a retail shop or store, ensuring that the space is used effectively and making the most of its potential. This includes making sure that the interior looks stylish, attractive and inviting. The lighting is an important aspect of this, as it will help to showcase the products in the store and make them stand out.


Shop fitting is a complex process that involves a lot of moving parts. This includes designing a store layout, purchasing and arranging for the delivery of the equipment necessary to achieve the desired effect, and the installation of these elements. It is also a challenge to find a shop fitting company that can get the job done on time and on budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from, and the best way to find them is by doing some research.

KDM has been in the business for a long time and has become one of Scotland’s top fit out providers. Their product range includes the latest in display technology and merchandising. Their wares include a slew of LED and neon displays, mannequins, gondolas, garment rails, A-boards, point of sale (POS) displays and pavement signs.

They are well-known for their design, manufacture and installation skills and have worked on some of the UK’s most prestigious retail outlets. Their most recent high profile project was the redevelopment of an existing retail unit, converting it into a multi-channel department store.


Shop fitting is a trade that involves the fit out of retail outlets with equipment, fixtures and fittings. This includes a range of outlets from corner shops to department stores and hypermarkets. Typically, the process begins with a client supplying a design brief to the shopfitter, who then executes planning, designs and installs the equipment. This usually includes bespoke furniture, signage and fittings as well as the purchase of retail equipment.

Many of today’s retail shops are going beyond traditional installations and incorporating new kinds of technology into their stores. This can include LCD displays, Wi-Fi systems and touchscreen units that allow customers to order products. Other innovations include variable mood lighting, art installations and more.

With more shoppers than ever before being able to order almost anything online, it is becoming essential for traditional bricks and mortar shops to differentiate themselves from their online competitors. Providing experiences in-store can help them do this.

For example, a high street footwear chain may decide to hold frequent DJ sets to provide a fun and interesting experience for its customers. To achieve this, they may need a shopfitter to build stages and lighting that is attractive but still allows people to try on shoes easily.

The City of Aberdeen has a strong historical and industrial background and is now home to a number of modern companies. In addition, it is a vibrant city that draws visitors from all over the world. This makes it an exciting place to work and there are a number of ways to find job opportunities in the area. By taking the time to research the different sectors and employers that are recruiting, you can be sure that you’ll find a role that suits you.

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