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The Questions and Answers is the holy scripture of Muslims. Across the globe, millions of Muslims used to live, but they don’t have access to a Quran that they can recite and read easily. And these sentences and words are also there in different colours. 

As most of these books are written in the Arabic language,

 reciting or reading the Quran has always remained a big problem for those Muslims who used to live in non-Arabic-speaking nations. Either English is the first language or some other languages are spoken in these countries. 

So accessing the Quran, which is written in English,

 is now online. This Quran comes in three different sizes: large, medium, and small. You can avail them in A4, B5, and A5 sizes, respectively. In this holy book, you are going to get word-for-word translations for every word as well as sentences from Arabic to English.

Reciting the Quran in the right manner is always important and necessary

You have to pronounce those letters accurately when you are reading them. And for this, you have to follow some rules as well. When you follow these Quran recitation rules, you will be able to pronounce those letters accurately with their actual quality and meaning. 

Must pronounce those words accurately

This helps you pronounce those Islamic words,Tib e Nabwi, properly while following the right rules. When you read the Quran in this fashion, you also maintain its morals and quality.

The Tib e Nabwi can be of great help to you at this point

The Heavenly Tib e Nabwi, which was revealed by the Blessed Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) 1400 years ago, is yet another completely fledged book of direction for individuals who contemplate and comprehend. 

The genuine substance of God’s all-powerful lessons to humanity

The Tib e Nabwi is a sacred book that furnishes us with such intriguing, extraordinary things that are substantial till the Day of Judgement and life from this point forward. 

The Heavenly Book revealed those perspectives Tib e Nabwi

They were never known to individuals’ long-term minds; nonetheless, they are very notable in the present logical world. It is to be noticed that the Noble Quran in English is not simply restricted to Muslims, yet it is a treasure trove of guiding principles and information for those who read, comprehend, and have confidence in it. 

The universe is moving and growing

Quite a while ago, when the study of cosmology was simply in its crude stage, the Quran uncovered that the universe is growing. The Tib e Nabwi states, “We have developed paradise with May and Verily. Until the beginning of the 20th century, science did not know whether the universe was growing; it was a typical fantasy that the universe was static. 

The supernatural occurrence of the Heavenly Tib e Nabwi

Humanity occurred a long time ago. It was when there were no telescopes, space transports, or current logical innovations that the Quran revealed to its devotees that He made the evening and the day, and the sun and the moon.

Today we realise that the sun is not static and that every one

The planets are continuing their predefined circles. There are hundreds and thousands of universes, comprising billions of stars, and all are moving in a methodical way and cannot digress from their circles and ways. The Quran listed it 1400 years ago.

He is also a very popular calligrapher

I was born in Syria into a farming family. His father used to be an imam in that village. At the age of just six, he started to show a great interest in calligraphy. And during the year 198, when he was studying at the university,

He was approached to write a copy of the Quran

This book tells more about the Tajweed Quran, but in simple form. Due to this reason, when the readers read this book, they can easily learn more about the Quran and follow its statements in their lives.

An authentic collection of online Islamic books in Tajweed Quran

As there are several books announced for Muslims in this world, the authentic Hadith books have also managed to draw a great deal of attention from the Muslim population across the globe. Hadith means talk. And that means these books talk more about Islam.

Tells more about the silent approval of the prophet

In these Islamic books in the Tajweed Quran, you are going to explore more about the silent approval, actions, and words of the Prophet Muhammad. In other words, you can say that these books are records of what the prophet has said and done.

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